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208 or three parts?" Would that bequest have been binding?) If Murphy's arguments are less than totally convincing, he must be credited with having made out a careful and internally consistent case, showing himself to be alive to the literary qualities of the various texts he brings into play as well as plausible in his account of Shakespeare's possible responses to them. T.G.A. Nelson Department of English University of New England William Shakespeare, Anthony and Cleopatra, ed. A.P. Riemer, Sydney University Press, 1985. William Shakespeare, Hamlet, ed. G.A. Wilkes, Sydney University Press, 1984. Those prepared to accept a compromise between old-spelling and modern-spelling editions will welcome the Challis Shakespeare, more handsome than the Signet and more convenient (since the notes are at the foot of each page) than the Penguin. The new series contains less secondary material than its rivals: some teachers and students will actually welcome this rather than resent it, though a couple of pages of suggestions for further reading might have been welcome. The introductions are brief and tactful, alerting students to the problems posed by the plays rather than attempting to impose definitive answers. Individual editors exercise discretion in minor matters. A.P. Riemer follows Elizabethan rather than classical tradition in spelling his emperor "Anthony". G.A. Wilkes gives a list of variant readings which covers eighteen pages; Riemer devotes ten to a glossary of Roman proper names and a series of extended notes which were too long to be set at the foot of a page. Wilkes' introduction refers in notes to a dozen or so earlier studies (the selection seeming, to this reader, a trifle wayward): Riemer's eschews footnotes and, while reporting in general terms on critical responses to the play, avoids singling out any critic later than Bradley for special mention. These are handsome, modest texts which will be useful to those studying Shakespeare in schools and universities. T.G.A. Nelson Department of English University of New England ...


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