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Plate 1 Church of the Holy Cross, Aght'amar, exterior view Plate 2 Aght'amar, interior view of south exedra in 1982 Plate 3 Aght'amar, interior view of south exedra showing the now destroyed royal gallery, photograph April 1912 H&rf./ • . m$JA I J 1 4 Plate 4 Detail of Nativity of Christ from Infancy cycle in south exedra, Aght'amar Plate 5 General view of conch from south exedra, Aght'amar Plate 6 Detail of head of Christ belonging to the first layer of paint in the conch of the south exedra, Aght'amar Plate 7 • * < * Detail of head of Christ as Adam from the east facade, exterior Aght'amar , I Plate 8 Crucifixion, from north execj^a, Aght'i _ _ ...


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