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  • Toronto School of Theology Theses Completed 2011–2012 Academic Year

Emmanuel College


Knox College


St. Michael’s College


Regis College


Trinity College


Wycliffe College


Belyea, Gordon Landsdowne (W). Living Stones in a Spiritual House: The Priesthood of the Saint in the Baptist Sanctorum Communio. ThD/Th. Director: Joseph Mangina. Spring 2012.

Chan, Hoi Yan Janet (K). Contrast the Differences: A Christian Neo-Confucian Dialogue by Contrasting the Anthropological Views of Karl Barth and Shili Xiong For the Development of Chinese Theological Anthropology. ThD/Th. Co-Directors: Charles Fensham and Victor Shen. Spring 2012.

Choi, Bongkyu (K). Select Themes in Thomas Merton’s Thought as a Resource for Korean Presbyterianism. PhD/P. Director: John Dadosky. Fall 2011.

Curnow, Rohan Michael. (R). Bernard Lonergan and the Preferential Option for the Poor: Integral Conversion, Liberation Hermeneutics, and the Mission of the Church. ThD/Th. Co-Directors: Robert Doran and John Dadosky. Fall 2011.

Delicata, Nadia. (R). On Becoming a Christian: Towards a Renewal of Contemporary Christian Formation. PhD/Th. Director: Pablo Argarate. Fall 2011.

Dos Santos, Carluci Ferreira. (W). A Narrative Syntax and Literary Analysis of the Elijah Narratives. PhD/B. Director: Glen Taylor. Fall 2011.

Hardy, Nancy Elizabeth (E). Connecting Singing and Doing in United Church Congregational Song: A Liturgical Theology of Mission. ThD/P. Director: William Kervin. Spring 2012.

Hillier, Harold Chad. (W). Theo-Political Crisis and Reform: Moses Mendelssohn and Muhammed Iqbal on Law and Society. PhD/Th. Director: David Novak. Fall 2011.

Ilo, Stanislaus Chukwudiebubue. (M). Cross-Cultural Currents in a Sub-Saharan African Christianity: An Exploration Towards a Cultural Hermeneutical Methodology. PhD/ Th. Co-Directors: John Dadosky and Ephraim Radner. Fall 2011.

Kim, Joon Ki. (K). Preaching with Eschatological Hope Through the Cross In and For the Suffering World. PhD/P. Director: David Schnasa Jacobsen. Fall 2011.

Kindred-Barnes, Scott Nelson. (M). The “Conveniency” of Public Worship: Richard Hooker’s Use of History in the Defence of “Publique Religion”. PhD/H. Director: David Neelands. Fall 2011. [End Page 355]

Kwon, Junghoo. (M). A Theological Investigation of the De Trinitate Attributed to Eusebius of Vercelli. PhD/H. Co-Directors: Pablo Argarate and Richard Vaggione. Fall 2011.

Mabozi, Jean-Martin. (T). Liberative Evangelization According to Jon Sobrino, s.j. PhD/ Th. Director: Marsha Hewitt. Fall 2011.

Ogbonnaya, Joseph O. (M). Lonergan, Social Transformation and Sustainable Human Development. PhD/Th. Director: John Dadosky. Fall 2011.

Pereira, Renee Danielle. (M). The Life of St. Mary of Egypt as an Icon of Repentance: The Use of Hagiography to Manifest Liturgical and Theological Penitential Motifs in the Seventh-Century Byzantine Church. PhD/Th. Director: Pablo Argarate. Fall 2011.

Pereyra, David Horacio. (M). The Ambo: A Liturgical Space for the Proclamation of the Word of God. PhD/Th. Director: Pablo Argarate. Fall 2011.

Siegrist, Anthony G. (W). By One Spirit Into One Body: Toward an Anabaptist Theology of Baptism and Ecclesial Meditation. ThD/Th. Director: Joseph Mangina. Spring 2012.

Travis, Sarah. (K). Encountering Others in the Perichoretic Space: A Social Trinitarian Post-colonial Homiletic for the Canadian Context. ThD/P. Co-Directors: David Jacobsen and Dorcas Gordon. Spring 2012.

Wettlaufer, Ryan. (M). Unseen Variants: A Study of Conjectural Emendation in New Testament Textual Criticism With the Epistle of James as a Case Study. PhD/B. Director: John Kloppenborg. Fall 2011.

Zurek Lequerica, Jorge Antonio. (R). Delving into Mystic Creativity: A Dialogue on Mystical Transformation by Bernard Lonergan and Teresa of Avila. ThD/Th. Co-Directors: Robert Doran and Gill Goulding. Fall 2011.


Howard, Susan Patricia (E). Co-constructing Relational Spaces of Grace: Downsview United Church’s Being/Becoming Intercultural Church. DMin. Co-Directors: Pamela Couture and Marilyn Legge. Spring 2012.

Wilding, Eric Tracy. (W). Toward the Trinity: Transforming Theology and Lives of the Ministers in the Worldwide Church of God/Grace Communion International. DMin. Director: David Reed. Spring 2012.


Ali, Linley Aaron. (T). A Necessary Prolegomena to a Christian Theology of Consciousness: Descartes’ Discovery. MA/Th. Director: Don Wiebe. Fall 2011.

Enekes, Christina T. (M). An Historical-Critical and Postcolonial Reading of Paul’s Stigmata in Galatians 6:17. MA/B. Director: Leif Vaage. Fall 2011.

Gonnerman, Joshua. (M). Substantial Act and Esse Secundarium: A...


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