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If from your arm at one arm’s length the city lies, and the forest is at two arms’ length from your heart, if the river runs at one look of your eyes, and if from your city at “x” arms’ length of your center the river runs, which is the closest to your pulse?

  1. a. the city

  2. b. your heart

  3. c. the forest

  4. d. the river

  5. e. a and b

  6. f. b, c, and d

  7. g. all of the above

  8. h. none of the above [End Page 22]

Nicomedes Suárez Araúz

Nicomedes Suárez Araúz is a poet, short story writer, essayist, aesthetic theorist, translator, visual artist, and professor emeritus of Spanish at Smith College, Massachusetts. His publications include eleven books, six of which are poetry volumes. His poetry has been represented in more than three dozen international anthologies in various languages. In 1977 he received Bolivia’s foremost National Prize Franz Tamayo. In 1994, he and Dr. Charles Cutler founded the Center for Amazonian Literature and Culture, based in Smith College. The Center published the journal Amazonian Literary Review. He presently lives on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, with his wife Kristine.



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