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  • Manuscript Readers for 2011 / Lecteurs et Lectrices de manuscrits pour 2011

The Journal is grateful to the following individuals who reviewed manuscripts submitted in 2011 / La Revue remercie les personnes suivantes qui ontévalué des manuscrits soumis en 2011.

  • Achenbach, Thomas, University of Vermont (USA)

    Alison, Laurence, University of Liverpool (UK)

    Aronowitz, Alexis, University College Utrecht (The Netherlands)

    Babchishin, Kelly, Public Safety Canada

    Bala, Nicholas, Queen’s University (Editorial Advisory Board)

    Baron, Stephen, Queen’s University

    Beauchesne, Line, Université d’Ottawa

    Béland, Daniel, University of Saskatchewan

    Bennett, Larry, University of Illinois at Chicago (USA)

    Bersani, Bianca, University of Massachusetts (USA)

    Bichler, Gisela, California State University (USA)

    Bird, Sheila, University of Cambridge (UK)

    Block, Richard, Loyola University (USA)

    Britto, Sarah, Central Washington University (USA)

    Brock, Deborah, York University

    Brockman, Joan, Simon Fraser University

    Bruckert, Christine, University of Ottawa

    Bull, Ray, University of Leicester (UK)

    Camilleri, Peter, Australian Catholic University (Australia)

    Campbell, Kathryn, University of Ottawa

    Carrington, Peter, University of Waterloo (Editorial Committee)

    Cesaroni, Carla, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

    Chunn, Dorothy, Simon Fraser University

    Clairmont, Donald, Dalhousie University

    Comack, Elizabeth, University of Manitoba (Editorial Advisory Board)

    Corrado, Ray, Simon Fraser University (Editorial Advisory Board) [End Page 539]

    Das Dasgupta, Shamita, New York University (USA)

    de Lint, Willem, Flinders University (Australia) (Editorial Advisory Board)

    Decker, Scott, Arizona State University (USA)

    Deukmedjian, John, University of Windsor

    Dixon, David, University of New South Wales (Australia)

    Doob, Anthony, University of Toronto (Editorial Committee)

    Dowler, Kenneth, Wilfred Laurier University

    Ezell, Michael, Northern Illinois University (USA)

    Finlay, Judy, Ryerson University

    Fitzgerald, Amy, University of Windsor

    Fleras, Augie, University of Waterloo

    Fontaine, Nathalie, Indiana University (USA)

    Frauley, Jon, University of Ottawa

    Gadd, David, University of Manchester (UK)

    Gaetz, Stephen, York University

    Gibbs Van Brunschot, Erin, University of Calgary

    Gold, Gregg, Humboldt State University (USA)

    Gorman, Wayne, Provincial Court of Newfoundland and Labrador

    Graffam, Joseph, Deakin University (Australia)

    Grekul, Jana, University of Alberta

    Hannah-Moffat, Kelly, University of Toronto (Editorial Advisory Board)

    Harris, Grant, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care (Editorial Advisory Board)

    Helmes-Hayes, Richard, University of Waterloo

    Hemenway, David, Harvard University (USA)

    Herd, Dean, University of Toronto

    Hermer, Joe, University of Toronto

    Hinch, Ronald, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

    Hsu, Ching-I, The Richmond Fellowship of New South Wales (Australia)

    Huey, Laura, University of Western Ontario

    Hughes, Lorine, University of Nebraska at Omaha (USA)

    Jeffrey, Leslie Ann, University of New Brunswick Saint John

    Jiwani, Yasmin, Concordia University

    Jones, Craig, New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (Australia)

    Kazemian, Lila, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (USA)

    Kempa, Michael, University of Ottawa

    Kennedy, Leslie, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (USA) (Editorial Advisory Board)

    Killias, Martin, University of Zurich (Switzerland)

    Klassen, Thomas, York University

    Klein, Carolin, University of British Columbia [End Page 540]

    Lafontaine, Fannie, Université Laval

    Lam, Anita, York University

    Lamberti, Steven, University of Rochester (USA)

    Landau, Tammy, Ryerson University

    Lee, Zina, University of the Fraser Valley

    Leitner, Michael, Louisiana State University (USA)

    Leman-Langlois, Stéphane, Université Laval (Editorial Committee)

    Liddick, Donald, Pennsylvania State University (USA)

    Linden, Rick, University of Manitoba (Editorial Advisory Board)

    Lowman, John, Simon Fraser University

    MacAlister, David, Simon Fraser University

    Makarios, Matthew, University of Wisconsin (USA)

    Mallory, Stephen, University of Mississippi (USA)

    Mann, Ruth, University of Windsor

    Martel, Joane, Université Laval

    McCartney, Carole, University of Leeds (UK)

    Melchers, Ronald-Frans, University of Ottawa (Editorial Committee)

    Menzies, Robert, Simon Fraser University

    Metraux, Stephen, University of the Sciences (USA)

    Middleton, David, De Montfort University (UK)

    Milne, Becky, University of Portsmouth (UK)

    Mitchell, Andrew, University of Toronto

    Moore, Dawn, Carleton University

    Morselli, Carlo, Université de Montréal (Editorial Advisory Board)

    Morton, Heather, University of British Columbia

    Mosher, Janet, York University

    Mucchielli, Laurent, CNRS – CESDIP (France)

    Ocqueteau, Frédéric, CNRS – CESDIP (France)

    O’Grady, William, University of Guelph

    Ouimet, Marc, Université de Montréal (Editorial Advisory Board)

    Owen, Stephen, Radford University (USA)

    Parnaby, Patrick, University of Guelph

    Patrick, Steven, Boise State University (USA)

    Penney, Stephanie, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

    Perry, Barbara, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

    Peterson-Badali, Michele, University of Toronto

    Petras, Hanno, JBS International (USA)

    Proeve, Michael, The University of Adelaide (Australia)

    Rengert, George, Temple University (USA)

    Robert, Dominique, Université d’Ottawa

    Roberts, Julian...


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