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Volume 83, Numbers 1-6 (2012)

1-154 .................... January/February

155-310 .................... March/April

311-466 .................... May/June

467-616 .................... July/August

617-768 .................... September/October

769-917 .................... November/December

Author Index

Abes, Elisa S. Constructivist and Intersectional Interpretations of a Lesbian College Student's Multiple Social Identities. JHE 83.2 (March/April 2012), 186-216.
August, Louise. See Waltman, Jean.
Berger, Joseph B. See Mendoza, Pilar, et al.
Bergmon, Inger. See Waltman, Jean.
Bess, James L. See Bouwma-Gearhart, Jana L.
Blaich, Charles. See Pascarella, Ernest T., et al.
Bouwma-Gearhart, Jana L. & James L. Bess. The Transformative Potential of Blogs for Research in Higher Education. JHE 83.2 (March/April 2012), 249-275.
Brint, Steven, Kristopher Proctor, Kerry Mulligan, Matthew B. Rotondi, & Robert A. Hanneman. Declining Academic Fields in U.S. Four-Year Colleges and Universities, 1970-2006. JHE 83.4 (July/August 2012), 582-613.
Bucker, Joost. See de Beuckelaer, Alain.
Christman, Dana E. & Rhonda L. McClellan. Discovering Middle Space: Distinctions of Sex and Gender in Resilient Leadership. JHE 83.5 (September/October 2012), 648-670.
Cox, Bradley E. See Tobolowsky, Barbara F.
Dar, Luciana. The Political Dynamics of Higher Education Policy. JHE 83.6 (November/December 2012), 769-794.
Davis, Heather A. See Gayles, Joy Gaston.
de Beuckelaer, Alain, Filip Lievens, & Joost Bücker. The Role of Faculty Members' Cross-Cultural Competencies in Their Perceived Teaching Quality: Evidence from Culturally-Diverse Classes in Four European Countries. JHE 83.2 (March/April 2012), 217-248.
Demb, Ada & Amy Wade. Reality Check: Faculty Involvement in Outreach & Engagement. JHE 83.3 (May/June 2012), 337-366.
Doyle, William R. The Politics of Public College Tuition and State Financial Aid. JHE 83.5 (September/October 2012), 617-647.
Engberg, Mark E. See Wolniak, Gregory C.
Ewert, Stephanie. Fewer Diplomas for Men: The Influence of College Experiences on the Gender Gap in College Graduation. JHE 83.6 (November/December 2012), 824-850.
Fox, Mary Frank. See Sonnert, Gerhard.
Furco, Andrew & Barbara E. Moely. Using Learning Communities to Build Faculty Support for Pedagogical Innovation: A Multi-Campus Study. JHE 83.1 (January/February 2012), 128-153.
Garces, Liliana M. Necessary but Not Sufficient: The Impact of Grutter v. Bollinger on Student of Color Enrollment in Graduate and Professional Schools in Texas. JHE 83.4 (July/August 2012), 497-534.
Garvey, Jason. See Soldner, Matthew.
Gayles, Joy Gaston, Alyssa Bryant Rockenbach, & Heather A. Davis. Civic Responsibility and the Student Athlete: Validating a New Conceptual Model. JHE 83.4 (July/August 2012), 535-557.
Hanneman, Robert A. See Brint, Steven.
Hollenshead, Carol. See Waltman, Jean.
Inkelas, Karen Kurotsuchi. See Soldner, Matthew.
Jones, Susan R., Yoolee Choe Kim, & Kristan Cilente Skendall. (Re-)Framing Authenticity: Considering Multiple Social Identities [End Page 918] Using Autoethnographic and Intersectional Approaches. JHE 83.5 (September/October 2012), 698-724.
Kezar, Adrianna. Bottom-Up/Top-Down Leadership: Contradiction or Hidden Phenomenon. JHE 83.5 (September/October 2012), 725-760.
Kim, Yoolee Choe. See Jones, Susan R.
Kiyama, Judy Marquez, Jenny J. Lee, & Gary Rhoades. A Critical Agency Network Model for Building an Integrated Outreach Program. JHE 83.2 (March/April 2012), 276-303.
Kuntz, Aaron M. See Mendoza, Pilar, et al.
Lee, Jenny J. See Kiyama, Judy Marquez.
Lievens, Filip. See de Beuckelaer, Alain.
Loes, Chad, Ernest Pascarella, & Paul Umbach. Effects of Diversity Experiences on Critical Thinking Skills: Who Benefits? JHE 83.1 (January/February 2012), 1-25.
Lynch, Cassie M. See Wells, Ryan S.
Mars, Matthew M. & Gary Rhoades. Socially Oriented Student Entrepreneurship: A Study of Student Change Agency in the Academic Capitalism Context. JHE 83.3 (May/June 2012), 435-459.
Martin, Georgianna L. See Pascarella, Ernest T., et al.
Mayhew, Matthew J. A Multilevel Examination of the Influence of Institutional Type on the Moral Reasoning Development of First-Year Students. JHE 83.3 (May/June 2012), 367-388. See also Wolniak, Gregory C.
McClellan, Rhonda L. See Christman, Dana E.
Mendoza, Pilar. The Role of Context in Academic Capitalism: The Industry-Friendly Department Case. JHE 83.1 (January/February 2012), 26-48.
Mendoza, Pilar, Aaron M. Kuntz, & Joseph B. Berger. Bourdieu and Academic Capitalism: Faculty "Habitus" in Materials Science and Engineering. JHE 83.4 (July/August...


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