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Index to Volume 28 (1994-95) Aldrich-Moodie, James Conteh-Morgan, John Cox, John D. Gadberry, Glen W. Gómez, Maricarmen Harris, Max Hummelen, W. M. H. lshii. Mikiko Jaye, Barbara H. Lindenberger, Herbert Mackerras, Colin Mazzaro. Jerome Plesch, Véronique False Fidelity: Othello. Otello. and Their Critics ............... 324 African Traditional Drama and Issues in Theater and Performance Criticism 3 The Devil and Society in the English Mystery Plays ................. 407 Lost American Opportunity: Two 1931 German Plays about Mary Baker Eddy 486 The Ensalada and the Origins of the Lyric Theater in Spain ....... 367 The Arrival of the Europeans: Folk Dramatizations of Conquest and Conversion in New Mexico ..... 141 The Boundaries of the Rhetoricians' Stage ......... 235 The Noh Theater: Mirror. Mask, and Madness ......... 43 Ovid in the Andes: The New World Morality Play, El rapto de Proserpina y sueño de Endimión ............ 510 Wagner's Ring as NineteenthCentury Artifact ................ 285 Peking Opera before the Twentieth Century ............ 19 Mathematical Certainty and Pirandello's Cosi è (sc vi pare) .............. 439 Étalage complaisant'! The Torments of Chrisl in French Passion Plays . . . 458 550 Milla C. Riggio Riggio, Milla C. Rogerson, Margaret Schmitt, Natalie Crohn Sears, Laurie J. Smith, Rochelle Sugano, Douglas Vanita. Ruth Wright, Stephen K. Zarilli, Phillip B. 551 Ta'ziyeh in Exile: Transformations in a Persian Tradition ............ 115 The Medieval Plough Team on Stage: Wordplay and Reality in the Towneley Mactacio Abel ..... 182 Ecstasy and Peak Experience: W. B. Yeats, Marghanita Laski. and Abraham Maslow ............ 167 Rethinking Indian Influence in Javanese Shadow Theater Traditions ......... 90 Admirable Musicians: Women's Songs in Othello and The Maid's Tragedy . . 311 "This game wel pleyd in good a-ray": The N-Town Playbooks and East Anglian Games .......... 221 Men Beware Men: Shakespeare's Warnings for Unfair Husbands ...... 201 The Ingressus Pilatus Chant in Medieval German Drama 348 An Ocean of Possibilities: From Lokadharmf to Nátyadharmf in a Kathakali Santânagôpâlam ...... 67 REVIEWS SUMMER: Brian Vickers, Appropriating Shakespeare (Grace Tiffany); Nancy Klein Maguire, Regicide and Restoration: English Tragicomedy, 1660-1671 (Derek Hughes); Paola Ventronc, GIi araldi della commedia: Teatro a Firenzc net Rinascimcnto (Konrad Eisenbichler); Molly Smith, The Darker World Within: Evil in the Tragedies of Shakespeare and His Successors, and Cynthia Marshall. Last Things and Last Plays: Shakespearean Eschatology (Christopher Wortham); R. A. Foakes. Hamlet versus Lear: Cultural Politics and Shakespeare's Art (John D. Cox); Camille Wells Slights, Shakespeare 's Comic Commonwealths (Harriet C. Frazier); Arthur Sherbo, Shakespeare's Midwives: Some Neglected Shakcspeareans (John M. Wasson); Richard Studing. Shakespeare in American Painting: A Catalogue (Bernice W. Kliman"); William L. Pressly. A Catalogue of Paintings in the Folger Shakespeare Library: "As Imagination Bodies Forth" (Sandra Billington). 552Comparative Drama FALL: Randy Neighbarger, An Outward Show: Music for Shakespeare on the London Stage, 1660-1830 (Anne Russell); Pierluigi Petrobelli. Music in the Theater: Essays on Verdi and Other Composers (Gary Schmidgall); Adam de Ia Halle. Le Jeu de Robin el Marion, ed. Shira Schwam-Baird and Milton G. Scheuermann (Matthew Steel); Gary Schmidgall. Shakespeare and Opera (William E. Grim): Elizabeth Hale Winkler. The Function of Song in Contemporary British Drama (Elise Bickford Jorgens). WINTER: Francis Barker, The Culture of Violence (William Gruber); Richard Andrews. Scripts and Scenarios (Konrad Eisenbichler); Paul Witfield While. Theatre and Reformation (Peter Happé); F.lizabeth Truax. Metamorphosis in Shakespeare's Plavs (Cécile Williamson Cary); Anne Barton. Essays: Mainly Shakespearean (Chace Tiffany); John H. Astington. ed.. The Development of Shakespeare's Theater (David Bevington); James McFarland. ed.. The Cambridge Companion to Ibsen (Brian Johnston). ...


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