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In Memoriam Robert S. Davis, Co-Founder, Co-Editor, and Editor Emeritus of Comparative Drama, died at his home in Kalamazoo on 13 June 1994. He was sixty-eight years old. Born on 30 March 1926, Davis served as a Seabee in the Western Pacific during World War II and received his B.A. in 1950 from Indiana University. He was managing editor of the Franklin, Ohio, Chronicle from 1950 to 1952. His graduate study was at the Claremont Graduate School, leading to the M.A. (1954) and Ph.D. (1960). Davis taught at Pomona College and Indiana University, and in 1965 joined the faculty of Western Michigan University. He served as Chair of the Department of English in 1974-78, and retired from active teaching in 1990. In 1952 he married Francelia Whitfield, who survives along with their three children. A scholar of Shakespeare and the Bible, Davis was a wonderfully gifted teacher, always attentive to his students and their needs. He was firmly convinced of the importance of form and style in scholarly writing and devoted much of his time during his years as co-editor of Comparative Drama to the meticulous editing of manuscripts. As a person of sharp intelligence, he did not suffer fools gladly. A modest man of great integrity and compassion, Bob Davis faced death as he lived his life, with wit, grace, and dignity. He was close to his family and spoke often to friends of his deep devotion to his wife and of his pride in his children. Love of learning and of learners was the ruling passion of his life. His own words reflect his humane wisdom : Let me depart this world Not by tubes and computer chips, But quietly like the embers of a midnight fire, With a bit of bourbon, And a little Scarlatti, A Mozart slow movement, And a Beethoven finale— We dedicate this special issue of Comparative Drama on Music and Drama to the memory of our repected and loved colleague, Bob Davis.—The Editors ...


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