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Index to Volume 25 (1991-92) Callahan, David Harley Granville-Barker and the Response to Spanish Theater, 1920-1932 ..... Damberger, Stanley, and Ellin M. Kelly Davidson, Clifford Evans, Robert C. Evitt, Regula Meyer Fraser, Russell Friedman, Michael D. Gleitman, Claire Guilfoyle, Cherrell Jaye, Barbara H., and William P. Mitchell Johnston, Brian Kimminich, Eva Konecni, Vladmir J. The Great Calvaries of Brittany and the Medieval Breton Burzud brat Jezuz Positional Symbolism and English Medieval Drama . . . . Jonson's Copy of Seneca Undoing the Dramatic History of the Riga Ludus Prophetarum Shakespeare's Book of Genesis The Editorial Recuperation of Claudio ...... Lalou, Elisabeth Massip, J. Francesc Nichols, Ann Eljenholm All in the Family: Mother Courage and the Ideology in the Gestus The Staging of the First Murder in the Mystery Plays in England The Iconography of Audience in the Cuzco Corpus Christi Paintings Three Stages of A Doll House The Way of Vice and Virtue: A Medieval Psychology . Psychological Aspects of the Expression of Anger and Violence on the Stage . . . . St. Crépin, St. Crispin, Sant Crespi: French, Breton, and Catalan Mystères The Staging of the Assumption in Europe ....... The Hierosphthitic Topos, or the Fate of Fergus: Notes on the N-Town Assumption ii129 i 52 i 66 iii257 iii242 ii121 iv369 ü 147 i 42 i 94 iv311 i 77 iii215 i 87 i 17 i 29 405 406 Comparative Drama Nicholson, Mervyn Ramakers, B. A. M. Schell, Edgar Spingler, Michael Twycross, Meg Ventrone, Paola Byron and the Drama of Temptation . iv 329 St. Denis in Antwerp: Hagiographica in a Protestant Play .... The Limits of Typology and the Wakefield Master's Processus Noe . The Actor and the Statue: Space, Time, and Court Performance in Molière's Dom Juan .... Introduction (to Special Issue on Medieval Drama) .... On the Use of Figurative Art as a Source for the Study of Medieval Spectacles .... i 104 ü 168 iv 351 REVIEWS SUMMER: Stanton B. Garner, Jr., The Absent Voice: Narrative Comprehension in the Theater (J. L. Styan); Cherrell Guilfoyle, Shakespeare's Play within Play: Medieval Imagery and Scenic Form In Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear (David Bevington); The Elizabethan Hamlet, by Arthur McGee, and Hamlet's Choice. "Hamlet"—A Reformation Allegory, by Linda Kay Hoff (György E. Szönyi); Brian Johnston, Text and Supertext in Ibsen's Drama (Michael X. Zelenak); Interpreting the Theatrical Past: Essays in the Historiography of Performance, ed. Thomas Postlewait and Bruce A. McConachie (Timothy Murray); Feminist Rereadings of Modern American Drama, ed. June Schlueter (Sue-Ellen Case); Mae J. Smethurst, The Artistry of Aeschylus and Zeami (Sander M. Goldberg); Craig Zadan, Sondheim and Co. (Gary Schmidgall). FALL: Waiting for Godot, by Lawrence Graver, and Waiting for Godot: Form in Movement, by Thomas Cousineau (June Schlueter); Shakespeare: Text, Subtext, and Context, ed. Richard Dotterer (Gregory W. Lanier); Gaü Finney, Women in Modern Drama: Freud, Feminism, and European Theater at the Turn of the Century (Mary Ann Frese Witt); Gail McMurray Gibson, The Theater of Devotion: East Anglian Drama and Society in the Late Middle Ages (Sally-Beth MacLean); Melveena McKendrick, Theatre in Spain 1490-1700 (Joseph R. Jones); John Rouse, Brecht and the West German Theatre: The Practice and Politics of Interpretation (Gail Finney); Natalie Crohn Schmitt, Actors and Onlookers: Theater and TwentiethCentury Scientific Views of Nature (Daniel Watermeier). WINTER: Sidney Berger, Medieval English Drama: An Annotated Bibliography of Recent Criticism (David N. Klausner); Marvin Carlson, Theatre Semiotics: Signs of Life (Anthony Graham-White); Sharon Marie Carnicke, The Theatrical Instinct: Nikolai Evreinov and the Russian Theatre of the Early Twentieth Century (Martha Manheim); Shakespeare and the Dramaturgy of Power, by John D. Cox, and Shakespeare and the Popular Voice, by Annabel Patterson (Michael Shapiro); E. Catherine Dunn, The Gallican Saint's Life and the Late Roman Dramatic Tradition (Robert R. Edwards)); Peter Egri, The Birth of American Tragedy (Michael Hinden); F. J. Lamport, German Classical Drama: Theatre, Humanity and Nation 1750-1870 (Steven R. Huff); Power and Performance: Ethnographic Explorations through Proverbial Wisdom and Theater in Shaba, Zaire (John H. Stroupe). ...


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