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  • The Set-Aside That Becomes the Swept-Aside, and: The Whitest White in the Black & White Movie
  • Nance Van Winckel (bio)

The Set-Aside That Becomes the Swept-Aside

From the river that passes through the forest we were passed ashore. A door opened into a hut, and oh, there again, the lingo of smile and nod.

We set aside our packs and entered. Brief days of corn hung from rafters. White wine from a jaded sun. My not knowing your mind, nor you mine slipped off the scale of consequence.

We spoke first with sticks in the dirt. Now you wave from the meadow, old man. I bow. How kindly, in those [End Page 50]

first crude sentences, had we greeted each other as Thee and Thou.

The Whitest White in the Black & White Movie

The murders, the heists,   the rapidly heaving breasts     reel up behind me.

An actor I’ve casually loved   for an hour     opens one eye

and I stare into the moment   that’s a stand-in     for a lifetime.

With what sweet abandon   he’s leaving himself

even as I reenter   at point-blank range

the tundra terrain   of the body. [End Page 51]

Nance Van Winckel

Nance Van Winckel’s sixth book of poems, Pacific Walkers (U of Wash-ington P), is forthcoming. Her fourth book of linked stories, Boneland, is also forthcoming.



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