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The Henry James Review 24.3 (2003) 313-314

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Index to Volume 24


Dimock, Wai Chee. Pre-national Time: Novel, Epic, Henry James. 215-24.

Foeller-Pituch, Elzbieta. Henry James's Cosmopolitan Spaces: Rome as Global City. 291-97.

Giles, Paul. Deterritorialization in The Sacred Fount. 225-32.

Graham, Wendy. Pictures for Texts. 1-26.

Hsu, Hsuan. Post-American James and the Question of Scale. 233-43.

Kim, Choon-hee. On the Status of Scholarly Study of Henry James in Korea. 258-68.

Martin, Michael R. Branding Milly Theale: The Capital Case of The Wings of the Dove. 103-32.

Miller, Elizabeth Carolyn. The Inward Revolution: Sexual Terrorism in The Princess Casamassima. 146-67.

Nabae, Hitomi. Translation as Criticism: A Century of James Appreciation in Japan. 250-57.

Njegosh, Tatiana Petrovich. "How a man should meet trouble": The Master's Mediterranean Actors as Models of Self-Possession. 298-306.

O'Donnell, Heather. "My Own Funny Little Lecture Boom": Henry James's American Performance. 133-45.

Oltean, Roxana. "I Longed for a New World": Colonial Hysteria, The American, and Henry James's Paris. 269-80.

Perosa, Sergio. The Wings of the Dove and the Coldness of Venice. 281-90. [End Page 313]

Raw, Laurence. Rethinking the Costume Drama: Agnieszka Holland's WashingtonSquare (1997). 69-81.

Rowe, John Carlos. Henry James and Globalization. 205-14.

Scherzinger, Karen. "Lurking Ghosts": Metaphor, The Ambassadors, and Henry James's Population of the American Scene. 168-79.

Shaheen, Aaron. Henry James's Southern Mode of Imagination: Men, Women, and the Image of the South in The Bostonians. 180-92.

Smith, George. Fire in Heterotopia: Henry James and Barbara Kruger. 82-88.

Sonstegard, Adam. Painting, Photography, and Fidelity in The Tragic Muse. 27-44.

Sool, Reet. The Portrait of Henry James in Estonia(n). 244-49.

Stowe, William W. "Oh, the land's all right!": Landscape in James's American Scene. 45-56.

Ziaja-Buchholtz, Miroslawa. Imaging The Europeans: Illustrations to the Polish Translation of James's Text. 57-68.

Book Reviews

Barrish, Phillip. Review of Jeremy Tambling, Henry James: Critical Issues. 97-99.

Browner, Stephanie. Review of Andrew Taylor, Henry James and the Father Question. 195-97.

Ferens, Dominika. Review of Miroslawa Ziaja-Buchholtz, Reflections of the Master: The Reception of Henry James in Poland (1877-2000). 197-99.

Frølund, Gro. Review of Ann Lilliedahl, Henry James in Scandinavia: His Literary Reputation. 307-9.

Hughes, Clair. Review of John Bradley, ed., Henry James on Stage and Screen. 95-97.

Rawlings, Peter. Review of Clair Hughes, Henry James and the Art of Dress. 89-91.

Ringuette, Dana. Review of Pierre A. Walker, ed., Henry James on Culture: Collected Essays on Politics and the American Social Scene. 91-95.

Van Slyck, Phyllis. Review of Tessa Hadley, Henry James and the Imagination of Pleasure. 99-102.

Witschi, Nicolas S. Review of Robert K. Martin and Leland S. Person, eds., Roman Holidays: American Writers and Artists in Nineteenth-Century Italy. 193-95.



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