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The Henry James Review 24.3 (2003) v-vi

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HJR Board Members

Welcome to Gert Buelens, Eric Savoy, and Philip Horne, the newest members of HJR's editorial board. We look forward to working with them. Our thanks and best wishes also go to Charles Caramello, Richard Gage, and David Adams Leeming, who will be stepping down as editorial board members.

New Henry James Society Representatives

Given the Henry James Society's desire to become a more international organization, the following individuals have generously agreed to act in their countries or regions as representatives of the Society:

Tamara Follini, University of Oxford
Gert Buelens, University of Ghent
Chang Young-hee, Sogang University
Anna Despotopoulou, University of Athens
Donatella Izzo, Istituto Universitario Orientale, Napoli
Dai Xian-mei, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications


In addition to the members of the Advisory Board, Nancy Bentley, Gert Buelens, Jonathan Freedman, Wendy Graham, Eric Haralson, Marcia Ian, Jonathan Levin, Peggy McCormack, Lee Mitchell, Adam Parkes, Eric Savoy, and Christopher Stuart have reviewed submissions for HJR in 2002-2003, giving generously of their time and expertise. We express our sincere thanks to them for their contributions.

Calls For Papers

Forum on "Senses of the Past"

Submissions are invited for an HJR Fall 2004 Forum on "Senses of the Past." Contributions may address any aspect of the topic, including:

Spectres, ghosts, graveyards, graves, monuments, memorials, ruins
Relics, fragments, traces
Memory, nostalgia
Repetition, time-travel
Age, aging; childhood
The past; excavating the past
Historical events
Fiction as history, fiction vs. history, historical fiction
Theories, uses of history in James
James as an historical figure
History of James criticism [End Page 5]
History of James's writings, texts
Literary history
Historical influences on James
James as historical influence
James family legacies

Contributions should be submitted in duplicate and produced according to MLA style. Please enclose return postage with your manuscript. One-page proposals or short (10-12 pages) essays should be sent by March 1, 2004 to:

Susan M. Griffin, Editor
Henry James Review
Department of English
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
E-mail:; FAX: 502-852-4182

Henry James Society

2004 MLA, Philadelphia

1. Jamesian Pasts. Papers reflecting on twentieth-century constructions of "Henry James" in criticism and teaching (e.g., Partisan Review James, Cold War James, post-Sedgwick James) and the ideological burden or cultural work of such constructions. Two-page abstracts by 1 March 2004; Eric Haralson (haralsone@

2. Jamesian Futures. Papers prognosticating the author's place (which "Henry James"? more or less of James?) in English studies of the coming decades (curricula, scholarship, emergent theoretical models) and/or addressing James's own assessment of his possible fortunes. Two-page abstracts by 1 March 2004; Eric Haralson (

2004 ALA Conference

May 27-30, San Francisco

1. Jamesian Imprints: Fiction. Papers on authors (Anglo-American and beyond) whose fiction strongly engages James or who have written significant criticism on James (e.g., Roth, Ellison, Byatt, Ozick, etc.). Two-page abstracts by 15 December 2003; Eric Haralson (

2. Jamesian Imprints: Poetry. Papers on poets (Anglo-American and beyond) whose work is demonstrably in dialogue with James or who have written significant criticism on James (e.g., Moore, Auden, Berryman, Merrill, etc.). Two-page abstracts by 15 December 2003; Eric Haralson (



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