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igliLCnllages ^ 'AMELA WALLACE !OLL Making the collages for Ecotone began as active procrastination last February. A thesis paper loomed and in between finishing the paintings and writing the paper I compulsively cut and glued. There was a freedom in this side trip that benefited from intense painting the months before. I was engaged in a seamless marriage of work and play, my fragmented existence perfectly accommodated. The collage-making allowed a movement between worlds and an exploration of the murky places in between. Materials and images were literally and figuratively layered, conjuring parallel and intersecting existences: the conscious and unconscious, surface and depth, reality and the subterranean of dreams and memory, reality and the imagined, the spoken and the unsaid, myth and history, narrative and the still moment. Yearning directed movement that was ironically a leavetaking and a movement home. 34 Fragile Gypsy Visible Schemata Longing Prayer Dual Existence Passage Rite Poem Marks the Journey ...


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