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Libraries & Culture 38.4 (2003) 431-454

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Index to Volume 38

Compiled by Hermina G.B. Anghelescu and Elizabeth S. Jenuwine

General Index

Note: Subjects from book reviews are designated with an "r" following page numbers, subjects from tables with a "t," and subjects from appendices with an "a." Locators in italics indicate illustrations.


Abel, Stanley
and ban of The Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck), 38(4):359, 38(4):364

Academic research
and intellectual property, 38(3):278-279r
and the Internet, 38(2):197-198r, 38(3):279-280r

Addresses (literary form)
by newspaper carriers, 1720-1820, 38(1):88-89r

African American literature
Givens Collection of African American Literature, University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis, Minn., 38(1):67, 38(1):68-70

African Americans
integration in state library associations, 1940s, 38(4):333
library services for, La., 1920s-1930s, 38(4):324-325

ALA. See American Library Association (ALA)

Alpine Club, London, UK
foundation of, 38(4):292
library, 38(4):292

"Alternative Futures for Library History" (Rose), 38(1):50-60

Amberbach, Johann
correspondence, 1481-1513, 38(4):408-410r

American Library Association (ALA)

Bill of Rights, 1939, 38(4):371
on censorship, 38(4):367-368, 38(4):371
"Code of Ethics for Librarians," 1938, 38(4):367-368, 38(4):371
individual members' rights, 38(4):340
integration of the southern chapters, 38(4):335-336, 38(4):337, 38(4):339-340, 38(4):343
segregated chapters, withdrawal from, 1960s, 38(4):341-342
and segregation in the South, 38(4):323
War Services Program, World War I, 38(4):379-380, 38(4):383

Clerical Library, Saint John, 38(1):7-8
colonization history, 38(1):2, 38(1):8
Polytechnic Association Library, 38(1):16 [End Page 431]
Presbyterian Church Library, Saint John, 38(1):12-14, 38(1):15
private libraries, 18th-19th centuries, 38(1):6
public libraries, 38(1):1-2, 38(1):3-4, 38(1):17-18
publishing, 18th century, 38(1):5
school libraries, 1830s, 38(1):9

Antigua Book Society, 38(1):15-16

Antigua Circulating Library, 38(1):16

Antigua Library Society
history of, 38(1):9, 38(1):11-12, 38(1):17
library collection, 38(1):9-10
minorities membership in, 38(1):15

Antigua Mechanics Institution, 38(1):15

Antigua Public Library, 38(1):2, 38(1):3, 38(1):17

Antiguan almanacs, 38(1):6, 38(1):7

Cairo Genizah collection, 38(4):403-404r

Arabic materials
cataloging, 38(3):284-286r

of educational buildings, Ohio, 38(1):82-83r
of public libraries, Ohio, 38(1):83-84r

Archival education
and professionalization, 38(4):420-421r

British, in UK, 38(2):190-191r
Jewish, in Cracow, Poland, World War II, 38(2):147-165, 38(2):149, 38(2):150, 38(2):151

Art history
and book history, Victorian England, 38(4):415-416r

Ashton, Susanna

"A Corrupt Medium: Stephen Burroughs and the Bridgehampton, New York, Library," 38(2):93-120

Associated Farmers, Calif.
against organized labor, 38(4):357
and ban of The Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck), 38(4):358, 38(4):359, 38(4):360

Augst, Thomas
"'The History of Libraries in the United States': A Conference Report," 38(1):61-66

published in Journal of Library History and Libraries & Culture, 1966-2000, 38(3):258-262

Paul Wasserman, 38(4):427-428r
Ruari McLean, 38(4):423-424r


Banned books. See also Censorship
The Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck), 38(4):351-352, 38(4):358-359
Jewish, from bookstores and libraries, Germany, 1940-1943, 38(2):160-161
Polish, from bookstores and libraries, Germany, 1940-1943, 38(2):160-161

Bashore, Melvin L.
"Behind Adobe Walls and Iron Bars: The Utah Territorial Penitentiary Library," 38(3):236-249, 38(3):237, 38(3):238, 38(3):244 [End Page 432]

Beadle, William Henry Harrison
photograph, 38(1):29
as superintendent of public instruction in South Dakota, 38(1):29-30
support of school libraries, 38(1):31

"'Before the...


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