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ABBOTT, ISABELLA A.—see Huisman and Abbott
ABBOTT, ISABELLA A. and JOHN M. HUISMAN New Records and Notes on Hawaiian Marine Benthic Chlorophyta, including Pseudochlorodesmis abbreviata (Gilbert), n. comb. (Udoteaceae) and Cladophora luxurians (Gilbert), n. comb. (Cladophoraceae), 275-285
ALLISON, ALLENsee Kraus and Allison
ANDERSON-WONG, PUANANIsee Follett et al.
ARCINAS, ALBERT C. Hot Water Drench Treatments for Control of Burrowing Nematode in Rhapis and Fishtail Palms (abstract), 227
BAILEY, JOHN E. Evolving Morphology of an Open-Channel Lava Flow in Mt. Etna (abstract), 228
BAILEY-BROCK, J. H., J. DREYER, and R. E. BROCK Three New Species of Saccocirrus (Polychaeta: Saccocirridae) from Hawai'i, 463-478
BALAZS, GEORGE H.—see Russell et al.
BANKO, PAUL C.—see Laut et al.
BAUMGARTNER, ERIN Size Differences Influence Aggressive Behavior in the Mangrove Blenny, Omobranchus rotundiceps obliquus (abstract), 228
BENOIT-BIRD, KELLY Acoustic Backscattering Properties of Hawaiian Lutjanid Snappers (abstract), 229
BENZ, GEORGE W., HENRY F. MOLLET, DAVID A. EBERT, CORRINE R. DAVIS, and SEAN R. VAN SOMMERAN Five Species of Parasitic Copepods (Siphonostomatoida: Pandaridae) from the Body Surface of a White Shark Captured in Morro Bay, California, 39-43
BIRD, CHRISTOPHER E. Pattern in Hawaiian Rocky Intertidal Community Structure along Wave Exposure Gradients (abstract), 229
BLAHA, RICHARD J.—see Day et al.
BROCK, R. E.—see Bailey-Brock et al.
BROOKS, LOUISEsee Seminoff et al.
BUDEN, DONALD W. and DENNIS R. PAULSON The Odonata of Kosrae, Eastern Caroline Islands, Micronesia, 399-407
BUDEN, DONALD W. and JACQUELINE Y. MILLER The Butterflies of Pohnpei, Eastern Caroline Islands, Micronesia, 1-8
BURNEY, DAVID A.—see Burney and Burney
BURNEY, LIDA PIGOTT and DAVID A. BURNEY Charcoal Stratigraphies for Kaua'i and the Timing of Human Arrival, 211-226
BURSEY, CHARLES R.—see Goldberg and Bursey
CARLQUIST, SHERWIN and TIMOTHY K. LOWREY Wood Anatomy of Hawaiian and New Guinean Species of Tetramolopium (Asteraceae): Ecological and Systematic Aspects, 171-179
CHOU, MING-YI Integrated Management Strategies against Aspisdiotus destructor (Homoptera: Diaspididae) in Banana (abstract), 230
COOPER, BRIAN A.—see Day et al.
COX, EVELYN F.—see Kolinski and Cox
DAVIS, CORRINE R.—see Benz et al.
DAY, ROBERT H., BRIAN A. COOPER, and RICHARD J. BLAHA Movement Patterns of Hawaiian Petrels and Newell's Shearwaters on the Island of Hawai'i, 147-159
DEFELICE, RALPH C. and JAMES D. PARRISH Importance of Benthic Prey for Fishes in Coral Reef-Associated Sediments, 359-384
DREYER, J.—see Bailey-Brock et al.
DUNCAN, KANESA Nearshore Nursery Use in the Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, Sphyrna lewini (abstract), 230
EBERT, DAVID A.—see Benz et al.
EWING, CURTIS P.—see Polhemus et al.
FARFÁN, CLAUDIA Role of the Gene Distal-less in Development of Euprymna scolopes (abstract), 231
FAUCCI, ANUSCHKA Genetic Population Structure in Relation to Dispersal Potential in Pacific Nudibranchs (abstract), 231
FERENTINOS, LISAsee Laws and Ferentinos
FILKIN, NANDA R., ALISON R. Sherwood, and MORGAN L. VIS Macroalgae from 23 Stream Segments in the Hawaiian Islands, 421-431
FOLLETT, PETER A., PUANANI ANDERSON-WONG, M. TRACY JOHNSON, and VINCENT P. JONES Revegetation in Dead Dicranopteris (Gleicheniaceae) Fern Patches Associated with Hawaiian Rain Forests, 347-357
FRESHWATER, D. WILSONsee McDermid et al.
FRY, BRIAN, ARIAN GACE, and JAMES W. MCCLELLAND Chemical Indicators of Anthropogenic Nitrogen-Loading in Four Pacific Estuaries, 77-101
GACE, ARIANsee Fry et al.


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