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CONTRIBUTORS Kathryn R. Ashworth has taught French and English in secondary schools and currently is teaching music in a private studio in Provo, Utah. Journals and periodicals in which she has published her poetry include BYU Studies, Dialogue, and The Ensign. She has completed one book of poetry, To Live in a House, and is working on two others, When theAngel Comesfrom the Right and Poems for Busy People. Neal B. Houston, professor of English at Stephen F. Austin State University, is the author of Ross Santee and co-author of Phonetikon and has published articles on American and British writers in the Bulletin of Bibliography, Victorian Newsletter, Dalhousie Review, Arizona and the West, Research Studies, English Journal, and otherjournals. His published papers on Ernest Hemingway appear in RE:Artes Liberales, Hemingway Newsletter, American Notes and Queries, and The Library Chronicle of The University of Texas at Austin. Dorothea Kehler is an assistant professor of English at San Diego State University. She has published notes on Renaissance writers in English Language Notes, The Explicator, Milton Newsletter, American Notes & Queries, and American Transcendental Quarterly; has published two editions of a reference guide and text, Problems in Literary Research; and has an article on 1 Henry IVm the autumn 1984 issue of The Upstart Crow. In 1983 she was awarded a summer grant to study Shakespearean genre criticism at Harvard as an NEH fellow. This article on Richard His an expanded version of a paper originally presented at the Shakespeare Association of America's April 1984 meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Adelaida López de Martínez is a professor of Spanish at Texas A&M University. She has published extensively about the Spanish Generation of '98 as well as about contemporary Latin American fiction, such as the novels of García Márquez and the short stories of Julio Cortázar. Ronald H. Nabrotzky is associate professor of German at Iowa State University. Since 1977 he has had three publications on Heine, two in Modern Language Notes and one in the Festschrift Sprache und Literatur (Bern: Peter Lang, 1981). He has also recently published reviews in German Studies Review and Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature. ...


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