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  • Two Poems
  • Barbara Yien (bio)

The White Terror

Taiwan, 1947-1987

The ink on the paper kept disappearing.Even the permanent. Even the sickle-celled.

The afterlife of tonguessliced from the mouths of the mouse-trappedserved up for their descendants,plated—

Then a waiter whisked away the plates.

Then the characters on the menu(the one hidden from Westerners)re-assembled, were renderedun-translatable.

Fastidiously scrubbed.

Efficient as the cleaner in a gangsterfilm who wipes cerebrumfrom linoleum, then vanishes.

Small Potato in the Moonlight

Gu Cheng's* drawings turned macabre.His windows slammed shut.His small potato in the moonlightcame to resemble the sad-sackshape of a fallen man.A dog paused to sniff him, then was gone. [End Page 145]

Barbara Yien

Barbara Yien (1975-) has been published widely in American journals. She now lives in Berkeley, California, working as a textbook editor.


* A Misty poet of the early 1980s, Gu Cheng went into exile; in 1993, suffering from depression, he committed suicide.



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