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  • 四首诗
  • 朵 渔 (bio)
    Translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain (bio)








一颗子弹在天上飞一颗铜质子弹,反射着太阳的光芒在天上飞像静止一样,那样迅疾在芝诺的直线上是什么样的基础、什么样的情仇什么样的抛物线将它送上了天一颗子弹一刻不停地在天上飞 [End Page 132] 抬头张望的人张大了嘴巴无人知晓这颗子弹它到底意欲何为它在飞。








走了这么久我们是该坐在黑暗里好好谈谈了那亮着灯光的地方就是神的村落,但要抵达那里还要穿过一片林地你愿意跟我一起穿过这最后的黑暗吗?仅仅愿意还不够,因为时代的野猪林里 [End Page 134] 布满了光明的暗哨和猎手你要时刻准备着把我的尸体运出去光明爱上灯火星爱上死灰只有伟大的爱情才会爱上灾难。 [End Page 136]

Four Poems

Duo Yu


Winter rain gathers all the tearsMoist fallen leaves, black like burnt ghost money

A man uphill, with shoulders raisedgathers all endurance

Birds between pine needles gather all the ashesThreads of rain floating like hair, gather into a beautiful face

I stand by the window, looking at drops of water on the panegather into a sea of sorrow

What sorrow can gather into a forceIt depends on your love

A Bullet Flies in the Sky

a bullet flies in the skya copper-jacketed bullet, reflecting the radiant sunflies in the skylike in stillness, so speedyflyingover Zeno's straight lineswhat base, what revengewhat parabolawill send it into the skya bulletceaselesslyflies in the sky [End Page 133] people staring with heads upopen their mouths wideno one knowswhat exactlythis bulletdesires whenit flies

Rain On Glass Pane

after a light windcurtains stir

rain falls on tilesrain falls on bicyclesrain falls in the night

raindrops linger on the glass panelike a whisper of mothslit by a desk lamp

I see a lonely ghost in a flasha beautiful faceshe is behind meas if for many years

the season of rain has begun

The Last Darkness

after walking for so longwe should sit down in the darkand have a good talkthe place lit by a lampis the village of God, but to reach therestill a forest to go throughare you willing to come with methrough this last darknesssimply being willingisn't enough-in this era the wild land of boars* [End Page 135] is full of open surveillance and huntersyou must be ready anytimeto carry my corpse outlight loves lampsparks love dead ashesonly great lovecan love disasters [End Page 137]

朵 渔

Duo Yu 朵渔 (1973-) was born in Shandong Province and is one of the founding members of the Lower Body Movement, based in Beijing during the early 2000s. He received the 2007 Rougang Poetry Award and the 2010 Chinese Literature Media Award, and is the author of two collections of poetry, Chasing Butterflies (2009) and Writing Little Poems Causes Worries (2010). His several books of prose include Meanings Have Bored Us (2003) and Ten Faces (2009). He lives in Tianjin.

Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Fiona Sze-Lorrain (1980-) was born in Singapore and educated at Columbia University, New York University, and Paris IV-Sorbonne, where she received a doctorate in French. She writes and translates in English, French, and Chinese. Her first collection of poetry, Water the Moon, was published in 2010. She is an editor at Cerise Press and Vif Éditions. Also a zheng concertist, she lives in Paris, France.


* Location in the novel The Water Margin, where the hero Lin Chong is nearly assassinated



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