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  • 四首诗
  • 孙 磊 (bio)
    Translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain (bio)










我往前走了几步,街面宽阔、冰冷,像削平的铁板。人像火烧着,狠狠地,彼此,越来越多淤积在偶尔的抽泣、踌躇和盲目中。 [End Page 128]

故乡 2002






把一条街站斜,把死亡站成一排排僵直的广场之树。 [End Page 130]

Four Poems

Sun Lei

My Nightclub Business

I must hire some womenstir dusk on their foreheads

give them thread, not thread endsadore them, not pity them

I know so well the leopards on their bodieshot blood that shuffles leaves

In their pantingI must evoke porcelain, abyss

But I hate my aloofnessthat turns into stillness on their bodies

I must learn to be like themcount money, sing off-key, love those who are unworthy of love . . .

I must hire them to teach meto live without ambition and despondently

I Advance a Few Steps

I advance a few steps.Wide, icy street, like a dressed iron plate.People burn one another, like fire, cruelly, increasinglysilted up in sporadic sobs, hesitation and aimlessness. [End Page 129]

Homeland 2002

Winter. Remains of a colossal country are branches as well as    handcuffs in my hands.Daylight is falling on my body shrouded in decayed lime but twined    in a cacophony.

Not the End, But a Memorial

Abruptly withdrawndarkness in the hands of reinshas a farewell road

A teaspoon of sugar in the windshirt collar on a deckMotherland shatters into a familyon a chopping board

Weeping fallsI need no oneto stand for meStand till a street tilts

Stand up deathin rows of stiff treesin the square [End Page 131]

孙 磊

Sun Lei 孙磊 (1971-) was born in Jinan, Shandong Province, and became a key figure of the post-1970s Chinese poets. His 2005 collection, Perform, was one of the ten bestselling poetry titles of the year. Recipient of the 2000 Rougang Poetry Award, he is the founding editor of the literary journal Who. Also an accomplished painter and installation artist, he teaches at Central Academy of Fine Arts and Shandong University of Arts. He lives in Beijing and Jinan with his wife, poet Yu Xiang, and their son.

Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Fiona Sze-Lorrain (1980-) was born in Singapore and educated at Columbia University, New York University, and Paris IV-Sorbonne, where she received a doctorate in French. She writes and translates in English, French, and Chinese. Her first collection of poetry, Water the Moon, was published in 2010. She is an editor at Cerise Press and Vif Éditions. Also a zheng concertist, she lives in Paris, France.



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