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  • 三首詩
  • 隱匿 (bio)
    Translated by Michelle Yeh (bio)





生 /日



這一天,我只想大睡一場從另一個夢中醒來丟掉必須穿衣的禮貌 [End Page 112]










2010 [End Page 114]

Three Poems


It Is Shameful to Write Poetry

after Auschwitz, it is shameful to write poetryafter the August 8th flood, it is shameful to write poetryas long as there's someone starving, it is shameful to write poetryfor someone who doesn't pay back a debt, it is shameful to write poetryfor someone who has crushed two ants, it is shameful to write poetryfor someone who can't write characters well, it is shameful to write poetryfor someone who is not lonely enough, it is shameful to write poetryhaving acknowledged all forms of shame, yet still to be writing poetryI am shamefulnothing matters, I continue to write poetryacknowledging this fact again and again, I continue to write poetry . . .

I refuse to suffer all shame except the shame of writing poetry



on this day, I heard a callingbut it didn't come from any light

on this day, I feel the pain of losing my sonbut I have no childrenI have lost my belovedbut I don't know who I loved

on this day, all I want to do is get a long sleepwake up from another dreamforget the etiquette of covering myself with clothes [End Page 113] bad habits of fantasizingand showing my menacing sharp teeth

on this day, I'd like to rememberto live is to live in shameall my virtues and smileshave been depleted

on this day, I'd like to knowwhat kind of persondeserves what kind of suffering?what kind of dreamis the last dream?


Enough Death

not a single person can die and take something with himnot a single person dies without leaving something behind

projects to be completedletters to reply towritings to be burnedtrash, gossip, debts, mold on one's socks . . .

after a person dies, enemies and friends continue to multiplyafter a person dies, his face continues to growtill in the end it overtakes the original face

not a single death is enough to destroy it allnot a single hell is far enough

(2010) [End Page 115]


Yinni 隱匿 (1969-) is the pen name of a Taiwanese poet who, with her husband, runs Youhe Books, an independent bookstore in Danshuei District, New Taipei City. Her third and most recent book of poetry is How Can It Be (2011).

Michelle Yeh

Michelle Yeh was born and raised in Taiwan. She received her doctorate in comparative literature from the University of Southern California and has been teaching at the University of California-Davis since 1988. A scholar and translator, she has published more than a dozen books, including Modern Chinese Poetry: Theory and Practice Since 1917, Anthology of Modern Chinese Poetry (edited and translated into English, 1994), No Trace of the Gardener: Poems of Yang Mu (cotranslated into English, 1998), Essays on Modern Chinese Poetry (in Chinese, 1998), From the Margin: An Alternative Tradition of Modern Chinese Poetry (in Chinese, 2000), Frontier Taiwan: An Anthology of Modern Chinese Poetry (coedited and cotranslated; English and Chinese editions, 2001), and Iconography of the Sea: Poems of Derek Walcott (translated into Chinese, 2001).



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