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  • 五首詩
  • 陳 育虹 (bio)
    Translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain (bio), Michelle Yeh (bio), and Frank Stewart







關於二月十四的天氣. . . . . .


海洋思考著星座與潮位浪向四十五度週期六點二秒浪高三呎救生艇從甲板滑落 [End Page 30] 未及交代什麼乾潮滿潮乾潮滿潮潮浪踮著腳






而怎麼一生就過了在離莖的剎那細弱的摩挲聲更像一字偈,乾淨的寫在夕陽的窗前 [End Page 32]










像河蚌薄得透明過濾你藻草般的呼吸 [End Page 34]

Five Poems

Chen Yuhong

Cicada Song

another June rainswiftly pours swiftlyrests, to a halt

another shadowthick, dense, omnipresentyet traces, inexplicable

another winesaturated, prudent, unveileddemands torrents of passion

another frequencythrough the fourth dimensiontransmitting to a transparent ear

another poetrywritten in June's humid heartand swiftly evaporates

Concerning the Weather, February 24 . . .

I write about fog like a catabout wind's ubiquitynorthwest wind at force 7 a memory we must appeaseabout moths of rain fleeing in all directionsnestled against masses of cold air

sea meditates on stars and tidemarkswaves at 45 degrees last 6 minutes 2 secondswaves 3 feet high lifeboat slides off deck [End Page 31] yet to explain anythinglow tide high tide low tide high tide tides tiptoe

run with a dangling ropea sperm whale dives deep into seainto our afternoon a slice of thin lightat this time rain accumulates at 90 mmon shores swept by tides herons return to seek

purple hydrangea over middayclouds are still a permafrost I writeconcerning stammer somniloquy chants of fog by the earconcerning wild cursive calligraphy of seawriting and tearing non-stop

Translations by Fiona Sze-Lorrain

White Moth Orchid

you hear its fallingthe dry scraping sound likea piece of paper, crinkled and discardedyou pick it up to readtraces of words, now barely legible

beauty beyond recognitionhardly any colors in its opulent petalsits pale yellow heart never kissedby a butterflydid it too feel this as a loss?

and a lifetime has passedat the instant of parting from the stemthe minute scraping sound likea one-word Buddhist riddle to provokeenlightenment before the twilight window

(2011) [End Page 33]


lying flata limp piece of gingerbread

when dawn comes, the night's teethmarks are still visible on it


Translation by Michelle Yeh

At the Beginning

willing to return to the beginningof an extinct fern, or a raindrop

long before volcanoes, before glacierswinged dragons that fly in flocks across the date linemusk whales and Qilins that frolic on grasslands

return to a pair of eyes without the grit of sanda pair of hands without calluseslook, touch, and smellthe hybrid night like a cat hunting alonetasting the forest-green wind of chewed mint

willing to once againreturn to the very beginning, a pair of ears

like river clamshellsso thin and translucentthey filtrate your algae breath


Translation by Michelle Yeh and Frank Stewart [End Page 35]

陳 育虹

Chen Yuhong 陳育虹 (1952-) was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She lived for many years in Vancouver before returning to Taipei. Her first poetry collection, About Poetry, was published in 1996. Her work includes In Fact, Sea (1999), River Streams Deep into Your Veins (2002), Annotations (2004), and Between (2011). She is the Chinese translator of Rapture, by British poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, and La Citadelle des neiges, a book of spirituality and fables by Matthieu Ricard, a French Tibetan Buddhist monk.

Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Fiona Sze-Lorrain (1980-) was born in Singapore and educated at Columbia University, New York University, and Paris IV-Sorbonne, where she received a doctorate in French. She writes and translates in English, French, and Chinese. Her first collection of poetry, Water the Moon, was published in 2010. She is an editor at Cerise Press and Vif Éditions. Also a zheng concertist, she lives in Paris, France.

Michelle Yeh

Michelle Yeh was born and raised in Taiwan. She received her doctorate in comparative literature from the University of Southern California and has been teaching at the University of California-Davis since 1988. A scholar and translator, she has published more than a dozen books, including Modern Chinese Poetry: Theory and Practice Since 1917, Anthology of Modern Chinese Poetry (edited and translated into English, 1994), No Trace of the Gardener: Poems of Yang Mu (cotranslated into English, 1998), Essays on Modern Chinese Poetry (in Chinese, 1998), From...


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