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  • American Jewish Studies: A Periodic Report of the Status of the Field
  • Marc Lee Raphael

Recent Dissertations in American Jewish Studies (Continued from American Jewish History, Vol. 86, No. 1)


33. Nysenholc, Judith. Ghost writers: remembering the Holocaust in America [P. Roth, C. Ozick, A. Spiegelman, etc.] U of Wisconsin - Madison


30. Itoh, Reiko. Jewish identity among members of a Reform congregation in Pittsburgh. U of Pittsburgh
31. Itzkovitz, Daniel. American Modernism, race and the rhetoric of “Jewish difference”, 1880–1940. Duke U
32. Lehmann, Sophia B. In pursuit of a past: history and contemporary American Jewish literature. SUNY at Stony Brook


1. Ben-Ur, Aviva. Where diasporas meet: Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews in the city of New York. A study in intra-ethnic relations, 1880–1950. Brandeis U
2. Cooper, Mark G. The cinematic order: visual love stories and the making of managerial America (Jewish “movie moguls”]. Brown U
3. Fairman, Deborah. “Unhampered children of liberty”: modernity, representation and American Jewish women, 1890–1930 [R. Sonneschein, M. Picon, R. Stokes]. U of Massachusetts [End Page 441]
4. Ganu, Komla S. Patterns of hate crimes and hate incidents in New York City. CUNY
5. Goldmsith, Julie D. Working the system: clients’ use and experience of social welfare institutions in Philadelphia, 1940 to the present. U of Penn
6. Hoberek, Andrew P. White-collar culture: work, organization, and American fiction, 1943–1959 [Saul Bellow]. U of Chicago
7. Joseph-Witham, Heather R. Transforming folk beliefs: a community of Indian Jews in Los Angeles and the process of believing. U of California - Los Angeles
8. Kotler-Berkowitz, Lawrence A. Structuring electoral behavior: religious contexts in the United States and Great Britain. Brown U
9. Kotzin, Daniel P. An American Jewish radical: Judah L. Magnes, American Jewish identity, and Jewish nationalism in America and Mandatory Palestine. NYU
10. Krell, Marc A. Intersecting pathways: Jewish appropriations of Christian motifs in the twentieth century. Graduate Theological Union
11. Lee, Jee-Young Jennifer. Immigrant entrepreneurs: opportunity structure and intergroup relations. Columbia U
12. Mandres, Marinel. The dynamics of ethnic residential patterns in the Toronto census metropolitan area. Wilfrid Laurier U
13. McKible, Adam D. The space and place of modernism: the Little Magazine in New York [Yezierska]. U of No Carolina - Chapel Hill
14. Michels, Tony E. Socialist politics and the making of Yiddish culture in New York City, 1890–1923. Stanford U
15. Praglin, Laura J. The rabbinate after Freud: American rabbinical responses to psychological thought and practise, 1912–1980. U of Chicago
16. Proshan, Chester J. Eastern European Jewish immigrants and their children on the Minnesota iron range, 1890s–1980s. U of Minnesota [End Page 442]
17. Schaeffer, Ira. Rites of passage in the plays of David Mamet. U of Rhode Island
18. Silverman, Jonathan T. Success in the margins: how African-Americans, immigrant Jews, and women used cultural production to negotiate prejudice and the American dream from World War I to the Great Depression. U of Texas
19. Steinberg, Kerri P. Photography, philanthropy, and the politics of American Jewish identity. University of California - Los Angeles

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