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  • Recipe for Crepes
  • Anna Wildfong (bio)

"Elegant, but not extravagant, these thin pancakes are at the same time sturdy and delicate. You can make them just to have around. Keep them stacked on a plate, tightly covered and refrigerated. They will last at least a week—just fill and heat as desired. Wrap crepes around many varieties of foods (a great way to store leftovers!) for different occasions, different times of day. They can quickly transform otherwise ordinary food into something special."

—Mollie Katzen

To Prepare Batter:

Crack the eggs and notice howmuch more you think aboutbabies as you get older

You most likely will forget to usethe nonstick pan the firsttime you watch your thin spillof batter turn to a solid sheetlike skin and when you try to lift ityou find it is grafting to the metalaging into a wrinkled cheek asyou prod it with a wooden spatula [End Page 69]

Get out the nonstick you avoid usingbecause you don't know if it's truethat Teflon gives you cancerand between flipsthink about whether youare doing the best you canNote: avoid getting overwhelmed that youhaven't been keeping up withthe New Yorkeror else the kitchen will fill with smoke

Suggested Fillings:

use whatever vegetables you haveand when you cut up tomatoeswonder if enjoying the way the knife breaks throughand slides into seeds and tomato meatcomes from the reptilian part of the brainif this sensory pleasure islike a vestigial organ

In a separate roomkeep your books on a shelf (see purées section)and your records in cratesby the turn table (see breads and other baked goods section)be very cautious of historical novelsavoid the world music category

pick the diced pieces up with your handand recognize they feel somethinglike the few tongues youhave known well

To Serve:

Take time to stand on a chair and reachfor the Fiestaware platepour a glass of water whetheryou will drink it or notset a fork and knife down on a napkinnever pray but sit and eatas if someone is watching [End Page 70]

Anna Wildfong

Anna Wildfong is a student studying arts and humanities as well as creative writing at Michigan State University.



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