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  • The Editor's Report

[The following is a slightly modified version of the annual report about Language for 2011 submitted by the editor, Greg Carlson, to the Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of America for its consideration at its January meeting.]


This was a fairly stable year for the journal compared to recent years. The board of associate editors saw the departure of Sali Tagliamonte, and the addition of Shana Poplack.

Language by the numbers

Volume 87 of Language for the year 2011 consists of four issues comprising 936 pages. The volume contains 17 articles, 2 discussion notes, 2 review articles, 2 short reports, 2 obituaries, and 65 book reviews.

Papers submitted in 2010-2011. In all, 139 new submissions were received between November 16, 2010, and November 15, 2011. This is an increase of almost 40 percent over the previous year. Topic areas of the 139 submitted papers were distributed as given in Table 1.

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Table 1.

Submitted papers by area of specialization.

Total papers acted on in 2010-2011. Including papers submitted the previous year, but still pending action as of November 15, 2010, a total of 104 papers were acted on between November 16, 2010, and November 15, 2011. In all, 18 papers were accepted, 5 were accepted with minor revisions, 27 were returned for revision with suggestion to resubmit, and 54 were rejected. The percentage accepted rate of all papers acted on in 2010-2011 is about 23 percent.

The length of time between submission and decision for that time period ranged from one week to 44 weeks; the average time to decision was 19 weeks. [End Page 458]

Referees. Requests for referee reports were sent to 268 different scholars this year: 214 accepted, and 179 have submitted their reports (the rest are pending). People serving as referees are listed and officially thanked at the end of this report.

Agenda for 2012

The primary development we look forward to is making critical decisions about whether to move ahead with Language as primarily a digital rather than a print journal, and if so, how we are to do that. Efforts are underway to integrate planning for the journal with changes in the LSA's website and the continued development of the LSA's web presence.

Special Thanks

Many thanks to associate editors: Adam Albright, R. Harald Baayen, Jürgen Bohnemeyer, Heidi Harley, Jennifer Hay, Lisa Matthewson, Jason Merchant, Shana Poplack, and Kie Zuraw.

A special thank you to book editor Natsuko Tsujimura for her work, especially for getting the book notices regularized and tending to the backlog we had experienced over the past few years. This required a special long-term effort.

Hope Dawson and Audra Starcheus deserve special recognition for their essential, continued work in copyediting and proofreading. Thanks to Kerrie Merz in the journal main office for her work. They have all continued to go above and beyond in the past year; the LSA is fortunate to have such a team supporting the journal.

The editors wish to thank the following individuals who generously agreed to contribute their time and effort to the essential task of refereeing submissions (* indicates that the individual was responsible for more than one report).

  • Farrell Ackerman

  • Adam Albright*

  • Artemis Alexiadou

  • Antti Arppe

  • Karlos Arregi

  • Mark Baker

  • Jonathan Barnes

  • Michael Barrie

  • Patrice Speeter Beddor

  • Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero

  • James P. Blevins*

  • Lev Blumenfeld

  • Paul Boersma

  • Patrick Brandt

  • Diane Brentari*

  • Joan Bresnan

  • Joan Bybee

  • Seth Cable

  • Richard Cameron

  • Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy

  • Elena Castroviejo

  • Yiya Chen

  • Lisa Cheng

  • Ariel M. Cohen

  • Jennifer Cole

  • Bernard Comrie

  • Elizabeth Coppock

  • Peter Culicover

  • Michael Cysouw

  • Ewa Dabrowska

  • Östen Dahl

  • Robert Daland

  • Clare Dannenberg

  • Lisa Davidson

  • Henry Davis

  • Amy Rose Deal

  • Gerrit Dimmendaal

  • Matthew S. Dryer

  • San Duanmu

  • David Eddington

  • Nigel Fabb

  • Sam Featherston

  • Hana Filip

  • Robert Frank

  • Nila Friedberg

  • Andrew Garrett

  • LouAnn Gerken*

  • Anastasia Giannakidou*

  • Ted Gibson

  • Adele Goldberg

  • Colette Grinevald

  • Christine Gunlogson*

  • John Haiman

  • Yurie Hara

  • Martin Haspelmath

  • John Haviland

  • Nancy Hedberg

  • Jeff Heinz

  • Petra Hendriks

  • Elena Herburger

  • Gabriella Hermon

  • Jack Hoeksema

  • Philip Hofmeister

  • David House

  • Feng-fan Hsieh

  • Larry Hyman

  • Gerhard Jäger

  • Gerd Jendraschek

  • Brian D. Joseph

  • Patrick Joula

  • Daniel Kaufman

  • Ans van Kemenade

  • Michael...


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