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  • Radio Astronomy
  • Adrian Matejka (bio)

There isn't enough room in Jansky's sky-sizedbag of tricks for this one. Beneath the night'sstepped-on hem: wide-eyed children camp outfor the first time, thin sheen of polythene betweenthem, the outlined lions & the squint-eyed bears.Between Jansky's tent & this one, the machineryin our ears is a curb feeler vibrating at a stop light.Or it would be if the tent was in a manicuredbackyard instead of the dining room of a Section-8duplex. The neighbors here don't fight, theycarouse in front of a projection-screen TV: Combator Venture played between pixilated lines of cocainethat always need a taste test before getting cutfor sale. The neighbors sound like Jansky rotatinghis antennae in search of something melodious.They sound like a sun zipping the curtains. Nextdoor, the fishscale on the coffee table lookslike a fish ear: Pisces reclining like so & so inthe glow of Atari's low-budget palate. Listen:her cigarette is about to burn into her hair like the shagrug beneath a party. Listen: we have to get out of here. [End Page 3]

Adrian Matejka

Adrian Matejka is the author of The Devil's Garden (Alice James Books, 2003), Mixology (Penguin USA, 2009), and The Big Smoke (Penguin USA), forthcoming in 2013. He teaches at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, where he serves as poetry editor for Sou'wester and codirector of the River Styx at Duff's Reading Series.



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