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I believe in the unspoken word.The breeze in the subtle April leavespleads, Shut up! Shut up! says the mudto the wheel, whispers the oil to the hinge.An intermediate state, says my doctorof how I'm out of breath just gettingto the treadmill. Shut up, doctors!Enough of your hocus pocus diagnosis.Enough sitting on a rock cataloguingevery poison and prison, prismaticmis-giving, might-a should-a, the moreout of breath I am, the wholer life isso zip it friends with advice about rice diets,acupuncturists and the great struggleagainst obscurity. Cat-pawed obscurity,I set out for you a dish of bourbon,your purr slur far preferable tothe articulation of hyenas, the caucusesof gnats and their baffle-gab. Ix naywith ra-ta-tat ra-rah of instant text.Here's to what never boils over, the lidunrattled, lava deep in the volcanostaying there, caldera stoppered, hurricanehumbled to off-shore, pre-schooler sulk.Here's to the repression Arab hip-hop.Here's to not fussing about injustice,the ozone layer's bald spot, the taxesyou're paying and the rich not. Find mesomeone with no feelings to share, nogrievances to grease, no love's lostbeach house lease. Let the birds bellyachethe break of day, waves rave their usualbalderdash, I just want to forgetthe burning scarecrow in my chest,700 signals cramming my dish, please [End Page 1] let me float off in a mist of never coming backeven though I never know where I'm at.Going, goner, gone, we all gotta go sometimeso what's the big outcry? The cottagesof Bolinas rot in the fog, Manhattan'shighrisers fill with mold, the fire makes ashof every log, the inevitable doesn't shout,it doesn't even have a mouth. [End Page 2]

Dean Young

Dean Young is the William Livingston Chair of Poetry at the University of Texas. He has published ten books of poetry, including finalists for the Pulitzer Prize and Griffin Award. He has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts as well as an Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.



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