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Contributors Contributors to this Issue VII Julye Bidmead is a Ph.D. candidate in ancient Near Eastern Religions at Vanderbilt University. In addition to having taught classes in Hebrew Bible, Biblical Interpretation, and Archaeology of Ancient Israel, she has participated in several archaeological digs in Israel and is currently a staff member of the Megiddo Excavations. Miriam Dean-Otting has been teaching in the Religion Department at Kenyon College since 1984. Her research interests focus on questions ofhow the Jewish community has defmed itself over and against the dominant society. Her recent writing has explored nineteenth- and twentieth-century Jewry in various contexts (essays on Schmuel Hugo Bergman and his approach to dialogue with Palestinians and a study of the Fantas, a prominent turn-of-the-century Prague Jewish family). A paper which she delivered in Calcutta in August 1997, "Hugo Bergman, Leo Baeck and Martin Buber: Jewish Perspectives on Hinduism and Buddhism," has stimulated a research project which may result in a study of the dwindling Jewish community of Calcutta, India. Lisa Epstein is YIVO's Director of Research and head of the Max Weimeich Center for Advanced Graduate Studies. She holds a Ph.D. in Jewish Studies from Yale University, as well as an M.A. in Jewish History from Columbia University. She also spent two years as a visiting graduate student and researcher at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and, earlier, studied at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow. Dr. Epstein's research focuses on the social history of Russian Jewry under the tsars. She is currently working on a book about medical politics and the Russian Jewish community, Caring for the Soul's House: Medical Politics and the Jews ofRussia, 1860-1914. David Froliek earned his Ph.D. in international studies from American University in 1971; currently he is Professor and Chair ofPolitical Science at North Central College. His present research focuses on the life of the Jewish community in Quincy, Illinois during the nineteenth century. Professor Frolick has been a participant innumerous Holocaust workshops for educators. Henry Greenspan is a clinical psychologist and playwright at the University of Michigan who has been teaching and writing about the Holocaust for more than twenty years. He is the author of On Listening to Holocaust Survivors: Recounting and Life History and the co-editor of Holocaust Survivors and Their Listeners: Testimonies, Interviews, Encounters. Among his plays that concern the Holocaust, Remnants was originally produced for radio and distributed to NPR stations nationwide. As a stage viii SHOFAR Spring 1997 Vol. 15, No.3 play, it has been presented throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Israel. Natania Rosenfeld is Assistant Professor of English at Knox College. Her book, "Outsiders Together: The Crossings of Virginia and Leonard Woolf," is forthcoming from Princeton University Press in Spring 2000. Her poetry has appeared in various journals. G. David Schwartz has a masters degree in philosophy from Miami University (Ohio) and is active in several Jewish-Christian discussion groups in the Cincinnati area. He is chairperson of the Northern Hills Synagogue (Conservative) tri-Iogue with the neighborhood Catholic Church and Church ofChrist; he is also chairperson for dialogue with the local Lutheran Church. Schwartz is a participant in the African-AmericanJewish Community Dialogue in Cincinnati, and an at-large member ofthe Ohio Council ofChurches subcommittee on Christian-Jewish Relations. Among his publications are A Jewish Appraisal ofDialogue: Between Talk and Theology (Lanham, MD: University Press ofAmerica, 1994) and articles in the Journal ofEcumenical Studies, Midstream, Encounter, Social Justice Review, New Theology Review, and elsewhere. Katharina von Ankum is the author of a monograph on Vicki Baum (1998) and the editor of the essay collection Women in the Metropolis: Gender and Modernity in Weimar Culture (1997). She is the founding director of the German Book Office New York and a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University. ...


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