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  • Doctoral Projects in Progress in Theatre Arts, 2012
  • Troy Matthew Lescher, Editor/Researcher (bio), Nicholas Adam Halder, Associate Editor (bio), and James Beekman Bush, Associate Editor (bio)

This is the sixtieth annual report of dissertations in progress in theatre arts in the United States. The entries contained in the report were gathered from those institutions offering a doctoral degree in theatre or related fields. The accuracy of the report depends largely on the cooperation of those faculty members who submitted complete and timely information. By compiling this data, we seek to inform the greater theatre community of the diverse research projects currently underway across various universities and disciplines.

The report lists (in order) the doctoral student’s name, dissertation title, institution, academic department, faculty supervisor, and projected year of completion. Dissertation topics are arranged in two parts: in part 1, topics are listed first geographically, and secondarily by time periods; and part 2 provides additional divisions for those projects that are not easily classified within geographic or historical parameters, but conform to other emerging areas of contemporary research.

A request for submissions for the 2013 edition will be mailed in October 2012. Please contact the editor ( if an institution is not already receiving the annual call for submissions.

My associate editors and I are grateful for the effort of all those who have contributed to this annual report. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Texas Tech University Department of Theatre and Dance and its chair, Professor Fred Christoffel, for sponsoring this endeavor. [End Page 317]

Part I


  • Mmila, Pabalelo. Well-Being Performances in Botswana: Centering Women’s Roles in Popular Theatre. University of Minnesota. Theatre Arts and Dance. Cindy Garcia and Sonja Kuftinec. 2012.


  • Gilliam, Ronald. Locating Contemporary Intangible Culture: Uyghur Dramatic Art in the Digital Age. University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa. Theatre and Dance. Elizabeth Wichman. 2014.

  • Lau, Linda. Constructing the Global Citizen: Activist Theatre in Hong Kong. Tufts University. Drama. Downing Cless. 2012.

  • Liao, Fan. The Paradoxical Beijing Opera: Performing Tradition, History, and Politics in 1949–1967 China. University of California, San Diego. Theatre and Dance. Paul Pickowicz and Janet Smarr. 2012.



  • Edwards, Louise. Reconstructing the Restoration Actress: Biographical and Theatrical Representations of Nell Gwyn in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Northwestern University. Theatre. Tracy C. Davis. 2013.

  • Mojgani, Naysan. The Performative Image and the Power of the Audience: Shakespeare in the Visual Arts. University of California, San Diego. Theatre and Dance. Jim Carmody and Bryan Reynolds. 2013.

Medieval Renaissance

  • McAvoy, David. The “Vanishing Shakespeare”: Adaptations of the Educational, the Commercial, and the Spaces In-between. Indiana University. English. Linda Charnes and Joan Hawkins. 2012.

  • Metivier, Tracey. Howsoever Strange and Admirable: Shakespeare, Serendipity, and Adaption. Indiana University. English. Linda Charnes. 2014.

  • Phillips, Heather. Of Beasts and Men: Animal Blood-sports in Early Modern England. Tufts University. Drama. Downing Cless. 2012.

  • Vadnais, Matt. “According to the Scrippe”: Performance Directions in Shakespeare’s Early Modern Playbooks. Ohio State University. Theatre. Jennifer Schlueter. 2012.

Nineteenth Century

  • Kaleba, Casey. The White Arm in the Smoke: The Meaning of Theatrical Violence on the Victorian Stage. University of Maryland. Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies. Heather Nathans. 2012.

  • Kelly, Lisa. Charity, Celebrity, and Commodity: How Nineteenth-Century British Actresses Used Participation in Philanthropy to Garner Social Capital and Status. Northwestern University. Theatre. Tracy C. Davis. 2014.

  • Robinson, Aileen. Technological Wonder: The Theatrical Fashioning of Scientific Knowledge, 1838–1905. Northwestern University. Theatre. Tracy C. Davis. 2014.

  • Steele, Erin Bone. Material Murders: “Authenticity” in Early Nineteenth-Century True Crime Melodramas. University of Maryland. Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies. Franklin J. Hildy. 2012.

Twentieth Century

  • Cook, Brian E. G. (In)famous Angel: The Cherub Company and the Problem of Definition. University of Oregon. Theatre Arts. Sara Freeman. 2012.

Twenty-first Century

  • Pugh, Ian. “Devoted and Disgruntled”: Improbable’s Devising from Process to Eldership. Ohio State University. Theatre. Lesley Ferris. 2012.


  • Vandorpe, Dries. Video Technology in the Work of Hotel Modern. Ohio State University. Theatre. Lesley Ferris. 2012.


  • Daussà-Pastor, Boris. Negotiating Kathakali in the Context of the Indian Nationalist Project. City University of New York. Theatre. Jean Graham-Jones. 2015.

  • Leukhardt, Joshua M...


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