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100 SHOFAR Fall 1999 Vol. 18, No.1 The Return I Ariel Zapata I am born again before your black eyes of light forever opened during all these centuries of darkness proclaiming the end of the tunnel, but I see them brighter in front of me like lighting new flames inside of countless thirsty hearts longing for return, longing for home, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters all with the same light of your black eyes sweeten unexpected hopes we thought were not possible after so many moons and suns of eternally waiting. Your black eyes of cosmic, celestial light in perfect consonance with the ever vibrating rainbow of your long hair embracing me, agitating in its flight the most fragile fibers of all my hearts wandering in the Diaspora. And your hands perfectly projecting the lights of your breast announcing your womb belonging to all Sarahs, Rebeccas and Rachels giving birth children of God. The whole you, weaving up every thread ofmy consciousness with no ancestors hiding unceasingly claiming that I am unique, because I am of my Father (and, if He is with me, who could be against?) Today I return through the other end of the tunnel so many centuries long taken by your open hands. The same way, your black eyes of light take me embracing me like before when you also hid in the darkness that exists no more, because your black eyes of light came back for me. Chicago, July 26, 1996 ...


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