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  • Poem with You Drinking a Cup of Coffee
  • Caleb Curtiss (bio)

This poem has no occasion. I edited that out a long time ago. It, like a body, or like a memory, has rebuilt itself over time:

each of its component parts has been exchanged for newer, more efficient ones, so that now, when I overhear someone

saying the word “coffee,” you are drinking a cup of coffee. Input the output, ad infinitum: I have become so efficient,

I have even learned to grieve formulaically, while the function of your absence has grown less and less

integral to my algorithm: you aren’t even you anymore. [End Page 167]

Caleb Curtiss

Caleb Curtiss teaches high school English in Champaign, Illinois. His poetry has appeared, or will appear soon, in such journals as Hayden’s Ferry Review, Redivider, PANK, and the Literary Review.



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