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The Lion and the Unicorn 27.3 (2003) bmiii-bmvii

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Contents (Volume 27)

Volume 27, No. 1

Editors' Introduction v
Louisa Smith and Jack Zipes

Politicizing the Nursery: British Children's Literature and the French Revolution 1
Matthew Grenby

Magical Growth and Moral Lessons; or, How the Conduct Book
Informed Victorian and Edwardian Children's Fantasy 27
Elaine Ostry

For Whom the Shoe Fits: Cinderella in the Hands of Victorian Illustrators and Writers 57
Bonnie Cullen

The Monastic Life and the Warrior's Quest: The Middle Ages from the Viewpoint of Animals in Brian Jacques's Redwall Novels 83
Cynthia C. Rostankowski

Species Trouble: The Abjection of Adolescence in E. B. White's Stuart Little 98
Marah Gubar

Everygirl's Good Deeds: The Heroics of Nancy Drew 120
Anne Lundin

Tony and the Wonderful Door: A Forgotten Classic of American Children's Fantasy 131
Eve Tal

Book Reviews

Ronald Finucane, The Rescue of the Innocents: Endangered Children in Medieval Miracles
Nicholas Orme, Medieval Children 144
Gillian Adams

David Lewis, Reading Contemporary Picturebooks: Picturing Text 147
David Rudd [End Page bmiii]

Colin Manlove, The Fantasy Literature of England 152
Mavis Reimer

Clare Bradford, Reading Race: Aboriginality in Australian Children's Literature 156
Mary Harris Russell

Langston Hughes, The Collected Works of Langston Hughes. Vol. 12: Works for Children and Young Adults: Biographies. Ed. Steven C. Tracy 161
Nancy D. Tolson

Volume 27, No. 2

Editor's Introduction: Always Facing the Issues--
Preoccupations in Australian Children's Literature v
John Stephens

Secret Spaces: Creating an Aesthetic of Imaginative Play in
Australian Picture Books 167
Kerry Mallan

Reading Development across Linked Stories: Anna Fienberg's
Series and The Magnificent Nose and Other Marvels 185
Izumi Tsukioka and John Stephens

"Oh How Different!": Regimes of Knowledge in Aboriginal
Texts for Children 199
Clare Bradford

Poetry in Australia: A Modern Dilemma 218
Alison Halliday

Messages from the Inside?: Multiculturalism in
Contemporary Australian Children's Literature 235
Sharyn Pearce

Australian Animation Aesthetics 251
Leonie Rutherford [End Page bmiv]

Book Reviews

Elwyn Jenkins, South Africa in English-Language Children's
Literature, 1814-1912
Naomi Wood

Jack Zipes, Sticks and Stones: The Troublesome Success of
Children's Literature from Slovenly Peter to Harry Potter 272
Donald R. Hettinga

Adrienne Kertzer, My Mother's Voice: Children, Literature, and
the Holocaust

Hamida Bosmajian, Sparing the Child: Grief and the Unspeakable
in Youth Literature about Nazism and the Holocaust
Gary Schmidt

Bernice E. Cullinan and Diane G. Person, eds. The Continuum
Encyclopedia of Children's Literature

Anita Silvey, ed., The Essential Guide to Children's Books and
Their Creators

Victor Watson, ed., The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books
in English
David L. Russell

Dudley Jones and Tony Watkins, eds., A Necessary Fantasy?:
The Heroic Figure in Children's Popular Culture
Judith Gero John

Carol Gilligan, The Birth of Pleasure 288
Elizabeth Marshall

David Rudd, Enid Blyton and the Mystery of Children's
Literature 293
Marilynn Olson, Angela Ingram, and Kathleen Ashley

Alida Allison, Russell Hoban/Forty Years:
Essays on His Writings for Children
Valerie Krips [End Page bmv]

Volume 27, No. 3

Editors' Introduction v
Suzanne Rahn and Naomi Sokoloff

"Like a Star Through Flying Snow": Jewish Characters,
Visible and Invisible 303
Suzanne Rahn

Becoming an "All-of-a-Kind" American: Sydney Taylor
and Strategies of Assimilation 324
June Cummins

A Recipe for American Jewish Integration: The Adventures
of K'tonton
and Hillel's Happy Holidays 344
Jonathan Krasner

Betrayed by Chicken Soup: Judaism, Gender and Performance
in Maurice Sendak's Really Rosie 362
Leslie Tannenbaum

Picture Books about the Golem: Acts of Creation Without
and Within 377
Amy Sonheim

Not in Kansas Anymore: Holocaust Films for Children 394
Lawrence Baron

Joy on Beale Street 410
Eric A. Kimmel

Book Reviews

McGonagall's Prophecy Fulfilled: The Harry Potter
Critical Library 416
Lana A. Whited

Bettina L. Knapp, French Fairy Tales: A Jungian Approach 425
Ruth B. Bottigheimer

Katharine M. Rogers, L. Frank Baum: Creator of Oz 428 [End Page bmvi]
Anne K. Phillips

John Stephens, ed., Ways of Being Male: Representing Masculinities
in Children's Literature and Film


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