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College Literature 30.4 (2003) 196-198

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College Literature Index
Volume 30, 2003

CL 30.1 (Winter 2003): Special Issue, Algeriad

Myrsiades, Kostas and Geetha Ramanathan. Editor's Preface. (N) 30.1 (2003): vii-xi.

Marrouchi, Mustapha. Guest Editor Note. (N) 30.1. (2003): 1-3.

Blakey, Ben. "Memory". (P) 30.1. (2003): 4-5.

Marrouchi, Mustapha. "Introduction: Colonialism, Islamism, Terrorism." (E) 30.1. (2003): 6- 55.

Rachida. "Rachida: Letters from Algeria." Adapted by Eliza McDonald and Jo Thomas. (P) 30.1. 2003: 56-81.

Cixous, Hélène. "Letter to Zohra Drif." Trans. Eric Prenowitz. (E) 30.1. 2003: 82-90.

Marrouchi, Mustapha. "Of Algeria: Childhood and Fear." (E) 30.1. (2002): 91-114.

Derrida, Jacques. "Taking a Stand for Algeria." Trans. Boris Belay. (E). (2003): 115-123.

Ali Benzahra. Salwa. "Dis/Abling the Narrative: The Case of Tombéza." (E) 30.1. (2003): 124-34.

Penrod, Lynn. "Algeriance, Exile, and Hélène Cixous. (E) 30.1. (2003): 135-45.

Miller, James. "For a Chance at Warmth." (P) 30.1. (2003): 146-47.

Bouabdellah, Hassen. "Culture, Art, and Violence." Trans. Fran Devlin. (E) 30.1. (2003): 148-52.

Djemai, Abdelkader. "No Way Out." Trans. Fran Devlin. (N) 30.1. (2003): 153-56.

bin Ahmad, Izmer. "A Note on the Cover Art: Fathering Garden." (N) 30.1. (2003): 157-59.

Knoper, Randall. "Walt Whitman and New Biographical Criticism." Review of Vivian R. Pollak, The Erotic Whitman. Joann Krieg, Whitman and the Irish. (RE) 30.1. (2003): 161-68.

Myrsiades, Linda. "Minding the Law/Literature Enterprise." Review of Gyora Binder and Robert Weisberg, Literary Criticisms of the Law. Anthony Amsterdam and Jerome Bruner, Minding the Law. Alan M. Dershowitz. The Genesis of Justice: Ten Stories of Biblical Injustice that Led to the Ten Commandments and Modern Law. Jan-Melissa Schramm, Testimony and Advocacy in Victorian Law, Literature, and Theology. (RE) 30.1. (2003): 169-79.

Rowden, Terry. Review of Trudier Harris, Saints, Sinners, Saviors: Strong Black Women in African American Literature. (BR) 30.1. (2003): 182-84.

Petry, Alice Hall. Review of William Moddelmog, Reconstituting Authority: American Fiction in the Province of the Law, 1880-1920. (BR) 30.1. (2003): 184-87

Patton, Cynthia Ellen. Review of Mary Ann Caws, ed., Manifesto: A Century of Isms. (BR) 30.1. (2003): 188-90.

Barry, Nora. Review of Joshua Bellin, The Demon of the Continent: Indians and the Shaping of American Literature. (BR) 30.1. (2003): 190-92.

Putzi, Jennifer. Review of Paula Bernat Bennett, Palace-Burner: The Selected Poetry of Sarah Piatt. (BR) 30.1. (2003): 193-95 [End Page 196]

CL 30.2 (Spring 2003): General Issue with Special Focus Section: Literature and the Arts: A French Perspective

Geyh, Paula E. "Assembling Postmodernism: Experience, Meaning, and the Space In-Between." (E) 30.2. (2003): 1-29.

Carpenter, Lucas. "'IT DON'T MEAN NOTHIN': Vietnam War Fiction and Postmodernism." (E) 30.2. (2003): 30-50.

Kuipers, Christopher M. "The Anthology/Corpus Dynamic: A Field Theory of the Canon." (E) 30.2. (2003): 51-71.

Sage, Michel. Introduction: "Literature and the Arts: A French Perspective on Visual Poetics, Language and Artistic Representation" (I) 30.2. (2003): 73-81.

Garval, Michael. "'A Dream of Stone': Fame, Vision, and the Monument in Nineteenth-Century French Literary Culture." (E) 30.2. (2003): 82-119.

Pauly, Rebecca M. "Baudelaire and Delacroix on Tasso in Prison: Romantic Reflections on a Renaissance Martyr." (E) 30.2. (2003): 120-35.

Milstein, Dana. "Gaspard de la Nuit: Humor, the Eau-Forte, and the Chiaroscuro Vignette." (E) 30.2. (2003): 137-61.

Running-Johnson, Cynthia. "Ben Jelloun, Jean Genet, and Cultural Identity in The Street for Just One: Alberto Giacometti." (E) 30.2. (2003): 162-73.

Nikolopoulou, Kalliopi. "'L'Art et les gens': Jean-Luc Nancy's Genealogical Aesthetics." (E) 30.2. (2003): 174-93.

Wilsbacher, Greg J. "Something Queer is Going On: Sex and Methodology in the Middle Ages." Review of Glenn Burger and Steven Kruger, eds., Queering the Middle Ages, Kathryn Jacobs, Marriage Contracts from Chaucer to the Renaissance Stage. (RE) 30.2. (2003): 195-203.

Templin, Charlotte. Review of John Bowen, Other Dickens: Pickwick...


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