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210 SHOFAR Fall 1999 Vol. 18, No. I News and Information Marranos/Crypto-Jews Charles Meyers and Nonnan Simms are planning to produce an anthology ofessays on the Marranos/Crypto-Jews in Europe and the New World colonies during the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries. Papers are called for to deal with such areas as the place in Conversos and CryptoJews in the history, politics, economics, and culture of the emerging Early Modem Period. Attention will also be paid to identity confusions, traumatic illness among the forced converts, development of new kinds of Jewish communal organizations, life histories, etc. All papers should be approximately 4000 words, unpublished, and submitted in typed fonn in duplicate plus on disk Word.6.1 or 5.1. Please enclose a brief biobibliography . The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2000; statements of intent would be appreciated by December 1, 1999. Send your paper to: Dr. Nonnan Simms, English Department, Waikato University, Private Bag 3105, Hamilton, New Zealand; phone: 64 (7) 856-2889, ext. 8424 (office) or 64 (7) 856-6981 (home); fax: 64 (7) 838-4722. Or to Dr. Charles Meyers, Independent Scholar, 738 Southwest Aster Rd., Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953. CD-ROM Version of Sefarad A CD-ROM version ofSefarad is planned with added features ofmusic, film, graphics, voice, etc. However, in order to plan which version to publish and in what quantities, readers' interest must be ascertained. No initial commitment is involved. All those that respond will be put on a mailing list to receive a sales brochure. If you would be interested in purchasing such a product, please reply to Yitzchak Kerem, POB 10642, Jerusalem 91102, Israel; phone: 972-2-6729004; fax: 972-2-6729005; e-mail: or Please also indicate your price preference: $19.99-$29.99 (plain text) or $39.99-$49.99 (full multimedia developed version.) Directory of Holocaust Programs The Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is developing apreliminary directory ofHolocaustprograms and courses being offered at institutions ofhigher education within the United States. This project serves as part ofthe Center's mission to promote the growth ofthe field ofHolocaust studies, News and Information 211 especially the dissemination of scholarly output in the field, and to ensure the ongoing training of future generations of young scholars specializing in the Holocaust. The Center requests your assistance in collecting the relevant data for this project. To obtain a copy ofthe survey to fill out, please contact: Kymberly Sargent, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW, Washington, DC 20024; phone: 202-314-7835; fax: 202-479-9726. Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) MERlA is a project edited and directed by Professor Barry Rubin. Its circulation is almost 7,000 readers in 63 countries; MERlA is also available on the Internet. The audience for this publication consists of Middle East experts, scholars, teachers, students, officials, journalists, and other interested in the region. The goal of MERlA is to advance research on the Middle East and to foster scholarly communication and cooperation. MERlA includes the following elements: MERlA News, a monthly newsletter on Middle East studies; MERIA Journal, a quarterly academic journal; MERlA seminars, closed discussion lists for experts wishing to hold intensive exchanges on specific topics; MERlABooks, collections ofarticles from MERlA Journal, MERlA News, and other materials submitted by readers; MERlAlinks, a link list for researchers on the modem Middle East; Queries, questions asked by readers and answered by experts; and other features. Materials are solicited for consideration in any ofthese sites. For more information, contact Barry Rubin, Senior Resident Scholar, BESA Center for Strategic Studies, at The homepage address is: meria.html. B-Hebrew Mailing List The b-hebrew mailing list at the University of Virginia has been moved to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. To send a message to it, address your message to: Please update your list of addresses. Courtyard The William Davidson Graduate School ofEducation and the Melton Research Center for Jewish...


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