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  • 101st Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study:Chicago, Illinois 28-30 April 2011

Friday, April 29 8:30 A.M.

1. Austrian and Scandinavian Connections

Chair: Marv Slind, Luther College

  • • Leonardo F. Lisi, Johns Hopkins University, "Kierkegaard in Innsbruck"

  • • Lars Christiansen, University of Aarhus, "Georg Brandes' Discovery of Fredrich Nietzsche, Their Philosophical Relationship, and View on Goethe"

  • • Gisli Magnusson, University of Aarhus, "Scandinavian Courtesy and Spiritualistic Modernity in Rainer Maria Rilke's The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge"

2. Literary Trauma

Chair: Melissa Gjellstad, University of North Dakota

  • • Suze van der Poll, University of Amsterdam, "Traumatic Memory in Per Petterson's Prose"

  • • Påxl Bjørby, University of Bergen, "The Trauma of Sexual Initiation: Åsmund Sveen's 'Guten i graset,' Homoerotic Aesthetics and Vitalism"

  • • Unni Langåxs, University of Agder, "Jon Fosse's Novel Naustet (The Boathouse) as Trauma Narrative" [End Page 619]

3. Performance Studies (1)

Chair: Tanya Thresher, University of Wisconsin

  • • John Eason, University of Madison, "Swedish Schlager Divas and Gay Male Subjectivity"

  • • Christie Nittrouer, University of California, "Comedic Revolt in Transnational Sweden"

  • • Lars Sætre, University of Bergen, "Topographical Space—Textual Action: On the Representational Mode in Jon Fosse's Fiction and Dramatic Art"

4. Regionalism and Nordic Cinema

Chair: Anders Marklund, Lund University and Malmö University

  • • Anna W. Stenport, University of Illinois, "The Concept of Regions: Film Industry and Policy Examples"

  • • Andrew Nestingen, University of Washington, "High-Impact Films"

  • • Monika Zagar, University of Minnesota, "Adoption Theme in Upperdog"

5. Danish Art

Chair: Michael Metcalf, University of Mississippi

  • • Marja Lahelma, University of Helsinki, "The Great Relief by J.F. Willumsen—An Impossible Masterpiece?"

  • • Karen Westphal Eriksen, University of Copenhagen, "At Home with Modern Art"

  • • Kerry Greaves, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, "Pedagogy, Provocation, and Paradox: Denmark's Kunstnernes Studieskole"

6. European Experiences of Global Visions

Chair/Moderator: Andrew Newby

  • • Andrew Newby, University of Aberdeen and University of Helsinki, "Scandinavia and the British Isles: Perspectives on Teaching and Networking" [End Page 620]

  • • Johan Strang, University of Helsinki, "The Welfare State: A Way of Defining Nordicness"

  • • Peter Stadius, University of Helsinki, "Nordic Societies and Cultures: A Common Discourse Beyond the Welfare State and the Sagas"

7. Norwegian Literature (1)

Chair: Ingeborg Kongslien, University of Oslo

  • • Claudia Berguson, Pacific Lutheran University, "Kristin Lavransdatter in the American Southern Novel: Coincidence or Plagiarism?"

  • • Patricia Bronte, Oslo University, "Re-working National Trauma, Re-constructing National Identity: Cecilie Løveid's 'Måxkespisere' and 'Maria Q'"

  • • Dean Krouk, University of California, Berkeley, "Rolf Jacobsen's Ragnarok: Poetry, Nihilism, and Redemptive Politics"

8. National Identity (1)

Chair: Christine Ingebritsen, University of Washington

  • • Laurence Hare, University of Arkansas, "Nationalism, Science, and the Search for Prehistoric Origins in Northern Europe"

  • • Kasper Støvring, University of Southern Denmark, "The Cultural Prerequisites of Social Cohesion: With Special Attention to the Nation of Denmark"

  • • Claus Elholm Andersen, University of California, Los Angeles, "Oprah Does Denmark: An American Talk Show Visits the Happiest People on Earth"

9. Celtic Experience of the Viking Age

Chair: Maria-Claudia Tomany, Minnesota State University

  • • Mathew R. Holland, University of Wisconsin, "The Sword and Prestige Economy in Viking Age Ireland"

  • • Marcus Cederström, University of Wisconsin, "The Family Sagas and Medieval Scandinavian Colonialism in the British Isles"

  • • Thomas A. DuBois, University of Wisconsin, "Juxtaposing Cogadh Gáedel re Gallaib with Orkneyinga Saga" [End Page 621]

10. Nynorsk

Chair: James Cathey, University of Massachusetts

  • • Jens Johan Hyvik, Volda University College, "Ivar Aasen, His Early Followers, and the Theory of 'Two Cultures'"

  • • Oddmund L. Hoel, Sogn og Fjordane University College, "Language Conflict and Urbanization in Norway, 1885-1920"

  • • Stephen Walton, Volda University College, "Unmet Challenges and Undetonated Bombs in Research into New Norwegian"

  • • Hjalmar Eiksund, The National Centre for the Teaching of New Norwegian and Volda University College, "The Mismatch between Curriculum Demands and Pupils' Everyday Exposure to New Norwegian"

Friday 10:30 A.M.

11. Iconography and Artifacts

Chair: M.A. (Shelly) Nordtorp-Madson, University of St. Thomas

  • • Tracey Sands, University of Copenhagen, "Saints and the City: Saints and Identities in Urban Skåxne"

  • • Nancy L. Wicker, University of Mississippi, "'The Die is Cast': Insight into the Production of Migration Period Gold Bracteates"

  • • Erik Schjeide, University of California, Berkeley...


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