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110 SHOFAR Winter 1993 Vol. 11, No.2 MIRIAM AND ZIPPORAH At first I hated you. When Moshe brought you home From your father's house in Midian, I scolded him for choosing A peasant for a bride. He, who had been raised by Pharoah, Found his mate near a sheepcote. I mocked you because you didn't read, Couldn't write. You stood in awe Of my stammering baby brother, Whose life I had saved in Egypt. You worshipped smooth-tongued Aaron And were taken in by his fantasies. But you grew in wisdom And bore us two sons, Gershom and Eleazar. When Moshe was punished by God For delaying the circumcision, You took a flint and performed the rite. You returned to Egypt Despite the danger, Soothed my brother's self-doubt, Survived the ten plagues, And joined the mixed multitude To pass through the Sea of Reeds. When the people screamed for water and bread, You faced their taunts with Moshe. At Massah and Meribah, you did not rebel. While others hardened their proud hearts, You wove linen curtains for the tabernacle. Poetry Now I embrace you as my siste~. I sing my song of victory ! For all of us who triumph After years of suffering: Old and young, poor and rich, Those large-boned and those sl


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