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202 SHOFAR INDEX TO THE FIRST TEN VOLUMES OF SHOFAR 1. Index by Author A Ackerman, Walter. Graduation: Motifs and Meanings. Fall 1991 (Vol. 10, No.1), pp. 72-84. Albert, Marta. Not Quite "A Quiet Revolutfon ": Jewish Women Reformers in Buffalo, New York, 1890-1914. Summer 1991 (Vol. 9, No.4), pp. 62-77. Alt, Arthur Tilo. Yiddish and Berlin's Scheunenviertel. Winter 1991 (Vol. 9, No.2), pp. 29-43. Alter, Robert B. The Challenge of the Texts. Spring 1986 (Vol. 4, No.3), pp. 1-7. Angress, Ruth K. The Theme ofAnti·Semitism in the Work of Austrian Jews. Spring 1987 (Vol. 5, No.3), pp. 9-17. Mian, Asher. The Changing Israeli Electorate. Fall 1988 (Vol. 7, No. I), pp. 14-24. Ascher, Gloria]. Elias Canetti andHis Sephardic Heritage. Spring 1990 (Vol. 8, No.3), pp.I6-29. -. Proverbs andExpressionsfrom a BronxIsmirliFamily: Toward a Sephardic View of the World. Fall 1991 (Vol. 10, No.1), pp. 49·56. Avineri, Schlomo. The Historical Roots ofIsraeli Democracy. Fall 1987 (Vol. 6, No.1), pp.I-6. B Baker, Zachary M. History oftheJewish Collections at the Vernadsky Library in Kiev. Summer 1992 (Vol. 10, No.4), pp. 6-30. Bamia, Aida A The Image of the Jew in 'Arabic Literature: The Case of Some Palestinian Writers. Spring 1989 (Vol. 7, No.3), pp. 32-42. Band, Arnold. Our "Sbe'ela Nikhbada": Whose Hebrew Is It? Spring 1991 (Vol. 9, No. 3), pp. 6-20. Bar·Lev, Zev. Innovationsfor the "Other" Teacher. Spring 1991 (Vol. 9, No.3), pp. 70-82. Baron, lawrence. The TransferAgreement: Zionist Collaboration (reviewessay). Winter 1987 (Vol. 5, No.2), pp. 8-19. -. Integrating the New Psycho-Social Research About Rescuers into the Teaching of Holocaust Courses. Winter 1992 (Vol. 10, No.2), pp. 97-107. Baruch, Miri. Between Folklore and Children's Literature: A Study of Twentieth Century Hebrew Lullabies. Winter 1988 (Vol. 6, No.2), pp. 1-11. Baskin, Judith R. Integrating Gender Studies intoJewish Studies. Summer 1991 (Vol. 9, No.4), pp. 92-97. Baum, Gregory. NewJewish Religious Voices No Fall 1984 (Vol. 3, No.1). pp. 26-30. -. NetvJetvish Religious Voices m. Spring 1984 (Vol. 2, No.3), pp. 23-26. -. NetvJetvish Religious Voices. Fall 1983 (Vol. 2, No.1), pp. 24-29. Vol. 10, No. 4 Summer 1992 203 Bearfield, Lev. Canetti, The Wandering jew. Fall 1983 (Vol. 2, No.1), pp. 22-23. Beck, Norman A Teaching the "New Testament n in the Light ofjetuish-Christian Dialogue. Summer 1988 (Vol. 6, No.4), pp. 44-54. Ben-Ezer, Ehud. Landscapes and Borders: A Sense ofSiege in Israeli Literature. Spring 1989 (Vol. 7, No.3), pp. 24-31. Benaim-Ouaknine, Esther. Francophonejetvs and the French Fact. Spring 1985 (Vol. 3, No.3), pp. 20-26. Benhamou, Paul. The Sephardim and the Orientaljetl}s. Summer 1983 (Vol. 1, No.4), pp.6-7. Beres, Louis Rene. Israeli Security and Nuclear Weapons. Summer 1990 (Vol. 8, No. 4), pp. 59-87. -. Security or Armageddon: Israel's Nuclear Strategy. Summer 1986 (Vol. 4, No.4), pp. 25-31. Berger, Alan L. Reflections on Teaching the Holocaust: The American Setting. Winter 1984 (Vol. 2, No.2), pp. 21-26. Bernard, Paul. The jews in the Habsburg Monarchy Before the Revolutions of 1848. Spring 1987 (Vol. 5, No.3), pp. 1-8. , Bernstein, Deborah. In Search of a Netl} Female Identity: Pioneering Women in Prestate Israeli Society. Summer 1991' (Vol. 9, No.4), pp. 78-91. Borowitz, Eugene B. The Idealjetl}. Summer 1987 (Vol. 5, No.4), pp. 1-15. Bowman, Steven. Reflections on Surrogate Parenting. Spring 1986 (Vol. 4, No.3), pp. 24-28. Bramlett, Bruce R. and Robert A Everett. Israel: The Themes of Land and State in Teaching Christian;/etJJish Relations. Summer 1988 (Vol. 6, No.4), pp. 13-22. Brenner, Rachel Feldhay. TheAnatomyoftheIsraeli-Palestinian Conflict: Universalism and Particularism in David Grossman's The Yellow Wind. Spring 1990 (Vol. 8, No.3), pp. 30-37. Breslauer, S. Daniel. Silence and Language in Hasidism: Martin Buber's Vietl}. Winter 1991 (Vol. 9, No.2), pp. 16-28. -. The Study and Teaching ofjetJJish Ethics. Fall 1990 (Vol. 9, No.1), pp. 48-64. -. TeachingjetJJish Ethics...


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