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Vol. 10, No.4 Summer 1992 ARTICLES NOTED 169 Author's address appears in brackets. A notation of "NA" means the address is not available. American Jewish Life Ackerman, W. I. "Community and Education: Internal Organization of and Programs Devoted to the Bureau", of Jewish Education, Arthur A. Goren, and the Quest for an American Jewish Community." American jewish History, Vol. 80, NO.2 (Winter 1990- 1991), pp. 175-182. [Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 1I.84105 Beer Sheva, Israel) Billington, M. and C. Clark. "Rabbis and the New Deal: Clues to Jewish Political Behavior." Americanjewish History, Vol. 80, NO.2 (Winter 1990-1991), pp. 193-212. [New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM 88003, USA] Bratt, ]. D. "Ethnic Progressives: Dutch Calvinists in Light of Arthur A. Goren's 'New York jews, the Quest for Community': The EthnoReligious and Socio·l-listoric Formation of a Jewish Education Movement." American jewish History, Vol . 80, No. 2 (Winter 1990-1991), pp. 183-192. [Calvin College, Grand Rapids. MI 49506. USAI Brumberg, S. f. "An Education for Life in Two Communities: Reflections on Arthur Goren's 'New York jews and the Quest for Community.'" Americanjewish History, Vol. 80, No.2 (Winter 1990-1991), pp. 164-174. [Brooklyn College. CUNY. Brooklyn. NY 11210, USA] Cohen, S. ]. D. "Can Converts to judaism Say God of Our Fathers? Integration as a Challenge to the jewish Community of Contemporary America." judaism. Vol. 40, No.4 (Autumn 1991), pp. 419-428. [Brown University, Providence. Rhode Island. 02912. USA] Feldman, E. "Tcfillin in a Brown Paper Bag: A Reflection on the Dolorous Condition of Orthodox Writing in America." Tradition, Vol. 26, No. 1 (Autumn 1991), pp. 1-13. INAI 170 SHOFAR Gourevitch, P. "The Jefferies Affair." Commentary, Vol. 93, No.3 (March 1992), pp. 34-38. [NA] Greenberg, S. "The Rabbi as Darsham: The Possibilities and Scope of Public Expression of the Text of Torah by the Modern American Rabbi." judaism, Vol. 40, No.4 (Autumn 1991), pp. 471-483. (Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York, NY 10027, USA] Kaganoff, N. M. "Judaica Americana: An Annotated Bibliography of Monographic and Periodical Literature from the Library of the American Jewish Historical Society Since 1960." American jewish History, Vol. 80, NO.2 (Winter 1990-1991), pp. 230-267. [LibrJ.ry of Congress, Washington, DC 20540, USA] Maclean, N. "The Leo Frank Case Reconsidered: Gender and Sexual Politics in the Making of Reactionary Populisll)." journal ofAmerican History, Vol. 78, No.3 (December 1991), pp. 917-948. [Northwestern University, History Department, Evanston, II, 60201, USA] Robinson, I. "The Education of the American Orthodox Rabbi: Mayer Joshua Rosenberg Comes to Holyoke, Massachusetts: The Critical Process of Acclimatization of Two Jewish Immigrants in the Early 20th Century." judaism, Vol. 40, No.4 (Autumn 1991), pp. 543-551. [Concordia University, Department of Heligion, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 1Mi'll Ancient World and Archaeology Alter, R. "How Important are the Dead Sea Scrolls?" Commentary, Vol. 93, NO.2 (February 1992), pp. 34-41. [University of California at Berkeley, Comparative Literature, Berkeley, CA 9·'i720. USAI Draper,). A. "Torah and Troublesome Apostles in the Didache Commmunity : Reconstruction of the Development of Antiochene and Syrian Christianity." Novum Testamentum, Vol. 33, No.4 (October 1991), pp. 347-372. IUniversity of Natal, Department of Theology, Pietermaritzburg 3200, South Africa I Rutgers, L. V. "Archaeological Evidence for the Interaction of Jews and Non-Jews in Late Antiquity." Americanjournal of Archaeology, Vol. 96, NO.1 Oanuary 1992), pp. 101-118. [Duke University, Center for .Judaic Studies, Durham, NC 27706] Vol. 10, No. 4 Summer 1992 Art and Music 171 Berger, M. "Painting jewish Identity: Exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York Illuminated the Conflict Between the Survival of an Ethnic Identity and Assimilation into a Cultural Mainstream." Art in America, Vol. 80, NO.1 Oanuary 1992), pp. 90-95. [NA) Berman, E. K. "Transcendentalism amd Tradition: The Art of Solomon Nunes Carvalho." jewish Arl, Vol. 16/17 (1990/1991), pp. 64-81. [Jewish Museum, Baltimore, MD, USAI Brown, S. "Horowitz: He Was a Romantic Pianist." Piano Quarterly, No. 155 (Autumn 1991), pp. 36-40. l0rlando Sentinel, Orlando. FL USAI Friedberg, II. "The Unwritten Message: Visual Commentary in the 20th Century...


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