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156 SHOFAR keeps a record of overdue books, and immediately indicates which books are in the library and which are on loan. Safran Davka can print catalog cards, spine labels, and book labels. Books can be retrieved by using three different searching criteria~title,author, or subject. Minimum system requirements are: IBM PC or compatible; 640K RAM; hard disk; CGA, Hercules, or EGA card; 9-pin dot matrix printer or 24-pin in 9-pin mode, or HP LaserJet Series II. For more information, call 1-800-621-8227, or write to: Davka Corporation, 845 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL, 60611. Prayer When prayers rise from a multitude what happens to the small, still voice, that dialogue of intimacy? Does the chorus penetrate the slqr like thunder rumbling from afar signals the power of entreaties to elements on collision course shouting for relief from combat in the cycles of convections? Can the response be heard in the din without some amplification or a template chiseled in stone? Should I rely on the cantor's voice who praises with melodious song, my spokesman in the heavenly court? Will the master of the Universe respond through a chorus of angels or without intermediaries? With age, my hearing more afflicted, am I still capable of knowing thunder and the small, still voice? Werner Israel Halpern ...


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