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64 SHOFAR leI's injunction initiates a process; each person begins anew the task of completion , a task never to be finished. Jewish ethics weaves together a tapestry of four concerns, of philosophy, theology, practical law, and cosmic meaning. Its ultimate aim, the completion of that tapestry, lies beyond anyone lifetime . Studying its elements represents one step towards its completion. Bar Mitzvah Boy The knife branded you a member of a people, survivors of plagues and autodafes, God-sodden crazies' necrophilic lust. B'rith Mila to Bar Mitzvah, thirteen years of growing to commit your knowing forbears' fate:"-dangersignoring the threat in celebration. You chant conviction in old commandments, the comforting words of ancient prophets as if the words live a life of their own. The tallit woven from shrouds of history, a lineage of saints, sages and priests embraces your soul like a swaddling cloth. Werner Israel Halpern ...


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