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Volume 9, No.1 Fall1990 47 deal of difficulty. But it is revelation, he would insist, that guarantees their truth! In effect, he separates two questions here. The first is whether or not truth and criteria of good and evil exist independently of God's will. The second is how we come to know these things with certitude. The latter, for Saadia , seems to be the more important of the two questions. This solution is good enough for Saadia Gaon. But, unless he is willing to say that human reason itself cannot function independently of God (a point he may very well be happy to adopt), his position seems to leave him with ethics and metaphysics independent, in principle, of God and revelation . Whether or not this is indeed the case, however, must be the subject of a separate inquiry. LagB'Omer Count the ways to freedom across dunes, rocky path, arid moonscape, away from the markers of traderoutes which enslave the mind to rude commerce. As the days grow longer, we get our second wind, relieved of the somber obsession with numers, now enamored with zeal for the final countdown. Werner Israel Halpern Werner Israel Halpern is a psychiatrist in Rochester, New York ...


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