This essay reappropriates the segmentary form of the three works of Agustín Fernández Mallo’s Nocilla project (Nocilla Dream [2006]; Nocilla Experience [2008]; Nocilla Lab [2009]) en route to an urban reading of its fragmentary structure. The project’s interdisciplinary push, overwhelming incorporation of both scientific and literary/cultural references, and method of collage evoke the shifting flow and complex nature of contemporary urban life. The ubiquity of references to urban communities within the text of Nocilla itself suggests connections to work by such figures as Georg Simmel, Walter Benjamin, Louis Wirth, David Harvey, Raymond Williams, Guy Debord, Henri Lefebvre, and Jane Jacobs. Moreover, the present essay’s extratextual references, drifting method, and punctuated structure constitute a fitting scholarly tribute to the interdisciplinary approach that Fernández Mallo has labeled “postpoetic.”


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