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April 16, 2011 - July 15, 2011



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Arab-Israeli Conflict

See also Israel, Palestinian Affairs, Egypt, Turkey

Apr. 17:

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appointed senior Mossad official David Meidan to mediate negotiations over the release of abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit after former mediator Hagai Hadas' resignation. Hamas demanded the release of 1,400 prisoners from Israeli jails in exchange for Shalit; Israeli previously agreed to free 980 prisoners. Hamas sources said that Israel was delaying the completion of the Shalit deal by refusing to release 50 Hamas officials it held in its jails. [Haaretz, 4/17]

Israel announced that it arrested two Palestinian teenagers for the shooting deaths of five Israelis on March 11. Israel said that the two confessed to the killings. Israeli internal security agency Shin Bet also alleged that the two had ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). [NYT, 4/17]

Apr. 24:

A Palestinian policeman killed one and wounded four after he opened fire on a group of Israelis who had come to pray at a Jewish holy site in Nablus without authorization. According to the governor of Nablus, the group of Israelis had come without coordinating the visit with the Palestinian Authority (PA). According to Palestinian officials, the policeman had fired upon the settlers after "identifying suspicious movements." [AJE, 4/24]

May 1:

Israel announced that it was delaying the transfer of almost $90 million in tax revenue owed to the PA in response to the unity deal between Hamas and Fatah announced the previous week, as the Israeli government wanted a guarantee that none of the money would end up in Hamas' coffers. Israel collected the equivalent of more than $1 billion annually in customs and other taxes on behalf of the PA and transferred the revenue to the Palestinian side under terms that were part of the Oslo Accords. [NYT, 5/1]

May 15:

Thousands of Palestinian refugees from Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, and Gaza confronted Israeli troops on Israel's borders in deadly clashes on the anniversary of Israel's creation. More than a dozen protesters were reported killed and scores injured. This was the first year that Palestinian refugees and their supporters in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, likely inspired by the recent protests around the Arab world, tried to breach Israel's military border from all sides. [NYT, 5/15] [End Page 619]

May 20:

The US designated radical Palestinian group Army of Islam as a terrorist organization. The US claimed that the Army was responsible for attacks against Israel and Egypt as well as against American, British, and New Zealand citizens. The Army was also suspected of being involved in the 2006 kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. [CNN, 5/20]

June 4:

About 5,000 people marched in central Tel Aviv supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders. Numerous leftist political parties and groups participated in the march, which ended with a rally at the Tel Aviv Museum. Marchers carried banners proclaiming "Netanyahu Said No — We Say Yes to a Palestinian State," after Prime Minister Netanyahu's differences of opinion with US President Barack Obama about the borders of a Palestinian state were exposed on a recent visit. [Haaretz, 6/4]

June 5:

Israeli troops fired on Palestinian refugees and their Syrian supporters, killing up to 22 and wounding up to 350, after the protesters advanced on the Israeli border fence near the Golan Heights town of Majdal Shams...


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