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  • Arts, Humanities and Complex Networks
  • Maximilian Schich and Isabel Meirelles, Guest Editors

We are pleased to present the second in an ongoing series of special sections focusing on the convergence of arts, humanities and complex networks. The mission of this special section and symposium series is to strive for and foster cross-disciplinary research on complex systems within or with the help of the arts and humanities.

The special section highlights arts and humanities as an interesting source of data, where the combined experience of the arts, humanities research and the natural sciences makes a huge difference in overcoming the limitations inherent in artificially segregated communities of practice. In addition we are interested in striking examples where artists and humanities researchers make an impact within the natural sciences. We want to unleash previously untapped potential by developing the right questions, methods and tools, as well as deal with problems of information inaccuracy and incompleteness.

For the current section we have selected papers presented at the “High Throughput Humanities” satellite symposium at the “European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS2010,” 15 September 2010 at Lisbon University Institute ISCTE in Lisbon, Portugal. The event was organized by Maximilian Schich, Sune Lehmann(TU Copenhagen), Gourab Ghoshal (CCNR Northeastern University), and Riley Crane (MIT Media Lab). The Guest Editors thank the coorganizers for acting as reviewers for this special section. URL: <>.

In addition we present a paper by Alkim Almila Akdag Salah and Loet Leydesdorff that takes a look at “The Development of the Journal Environment of Leonardo” using a network approach.

Our next forthcoming special section will present results of the second Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2011, 7 June 2011 at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest. In addition we welcome submissions of manuscripts related to the topic. Interested authors and artists are encouraged to send proposals, queries and/or manuscripts using the subject “Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks” to the Guest Editors at <>.



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