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  • G-4 Regional, National, and Ethnic Studies

A Books

Alonso, Carlos. THE BURDEN OF MODERNITY: THE RHETORIC OF CULTURAL DISCOURSE IN SPANISH AMERICA. Oxford University Press, 1998. xi + 227 pp. $39.95.

Arteaga, Alfred. CHICANO POETICS: HETEROTEXTS AND HYBRIDITIES. Cambridge University Press, 1997. ix + 185 pp. $49.50 cloth, $16.95 paper.

Attridge, Derek, and Rosemary Jolly, eds. WRITING SOUTH AFRICA: LITERATURE, APARTHEID, AND DEMOCRACY, 1970–1995. Cambridge University Press, 1998. xvii + 277 pp. $$64.95 cloth, $20.95 paper.

Baranski, Zygmunt G., and Lino Pertile. THE NEW ITALIAN NOVEL. University of Toronto Press, 1997. vii + 261 pp. $60.00 cloth, $19.95 paper.

Barnstone, Willis. SIX MASTERS OF THE SPANISH SONNET. Southern Illinois University Press, 1997. xix + 311 pp. $19.95 paper.

Includes translated poetry of and essays about Antonio Machado, Federico García Lorca, Jorge Luis Borges, and Miguel Hernández. [End Page 437]

Birkett, Jennifer, and James Kearns. A GUIDE TO FRENCH LITERATURE, FROM EARLY MODERN TO POSTMODERN. St. Martin’s Press, 1997. x + 361 pp. $59.95.

The title of this book is deceptive. One might expect something like a primer or a text along the lines of a College Outline Series survey of a national literature. Such books are quite useful, but Birkett and Kearns have managed to produce a study that provides a completely different kind of experience. A Guide to French Literature is, in short, a marvelous undertaking. Most period-by-period overviews, such as the prestigious A New History of French Literature, are written by many contributors, with the result that the level of content is extremely uneven. What is noteworthy about the present study is that it reads from cover to cover in seamless fashion, remaining consistently accurate and interesting. It is, indeed, remarkable how much information the authors have conveyed in this relatively short book while maintaining a stylistic approach that reminds the reader more of a familiar essay or even fiction (and I mean this as a compliment). The authors have managed to make the story of literary history an enjoyable adventure, without sacrificing the intellectual and cultural import of their subject. The individual sections involving my own several areas of relative competence are very well researched, and I assume this to be true throughout the book.

I found A Guide to French Literature to be more interesting and informative than A New History of French Literature and many other such encyclopedic books which one consults from time to time but does not actually read, as one can this book. Every student, professor, and enthusiast of French literature should read A Guide; it provides a panoramic view of the summits and movements of French literature and can act as a pegboard upon which to hang other more fragmented acquisitions of knowledge of the sort prevalent in Academe today. ES

Bishop, Tom. FROM THE LEFT BANK: REFLECTIONS ON THE MODERN FRENCH THEATER AND NOVEL. New York University Press, 1997. x + 298 pp. $29.95.

Bolton, Jonathan. PERSONAL LANDSCAPES: BRITISH POETS IN EGYPT DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR. St. Martin’s Press, 1997. xi + 183 pp. $39.95.

Boullata, Issa J., and Terri DeYoung, eds. TRADITION AND MODERNITY IN ARABIC LITERATURE. University of Arkansas Press, 1997. xvii + 285 pp. $32.00.

Bradley, Anthony, and Maryann Gialanella Valiulis, eds. GENDER AND SEXUALITY IN MODERN IRELAND. University of Massechusetts Press, 1997. vi + 325 pp. $50.00 cloth, $16.95 paper.

Brandt, Joan. GEOPOETICS: THE POLITICS OF MIMESIS IN POSTSTRUCTURALIST FRENCH POETRY AND THEORY. Stanford University Press, 1997. xii + 288 pp. $45.00 [End Page 438] cloth, $17.95 paper.

Breiner, Laurence. AN INTRODUCTION TO WEST INDIAN POETRY. Cambridge University Press, 1998. xxiii + 261 pp. $59.95 cloth, $19.95 paper.

Bryant, J.A., Jr. TWENTIETH-CENTURY SOUTHERN LITERATURE. University Press of Kentucky, 1997. 280 pp. $29.95 cloth, $16.95 paper.

Bryant, Jerry H. VICTIMS AND HEROES: RACIAL VIOLENCE IN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN NOVEL. University of Massachusetts Press, 1997. ix + 374 pp. $60.00 cloth, $18.95 paper.

Budick, Emily Miller. BLACKS AND JEWS IN LITERARY CONVERSATION. Cambridge University Press, 1998. xii + 252 pp. $54.95 cloth, $17.95 paper.


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