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Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs is a comparative and historical linguist, specializing in the Semitic and Indo-European language families. He is a consulting scholar with the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, and publishes on the history of religions and of astronomy, archaeoastronomy, and comparative mythology.

M. Andrew Holowchak teaches Philosophy at Rider University. He has published some 60 peer-reviewed papers in areas such as ethics, psychoanalysis, ancient philosophy and science, philosophy of sport, and social and political philosophy and has authored 18 books including Freud and Utopia, Extreme Freud, Happiness and Greek Ethics, Critical Reasoning & Philosophy, Ancient Science and Dreams, Philosophy of Sport, Aretism, The Stoics, as well as two philosophical novels, Life of a Jellyfish and Hotel Bob. When not teaching or writing, Holowchak enjoys strength training (former super-heavyweight powerlifting champion) and is currently the coach of strongman Žydrūnas Savickas, who is generally acknowledged to be the strongest man in the history of the world.

Jeremy Trevelyan Burman is a doctoral student in the history and theory graduate program in the Department of Psychology at York University. Since its publication in 2008, his previous article in Perspectives on Science has consistently ranked among the journal’s most popular downloads. Most recently, Burman was named an “international emerging scholar” by the Jacobs Foundation and the Jean Piaget Society.

J. M. Fritzman, an associate professor at Lewis & Clark College, has research interests in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philosophy. He is [End Page 132] currently in the arduous process of developing an area of specialization in Indian Philosophy.

Molly E. Gibson is a research assistant for Stanford University’s Prevention Research Center in the Department of Medicine. She obtained her degree in Philosophy (B.A. 2010, Lewis & Clark College) and is currently in the arduous process of applying to medical school. [End Page 133]



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