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  • Index to Oceanic Linguistics Volumes 1–50 (1962–2011)

This is a unified listing that includes authors of articles and reviews, authors or editors of books reviewed, as well as titles of articles and of books reviewed.

10-ICAL historical-comparative papers, 2007, by David Mead, ed. Rev. by Malcolm Ross. 48:274-86 (2009).

Ablaut in the Hua verb, by John Haiman. 11:32–46 (1972).

Abma: Information structure in Abma, by Cynthia Schneider. 48:1–35 (2009).

Abma: Na passive and na- associative in Abma: Shared properties; shared origin?, by Cynthia Schneider. 50:380–98 (2011).

Acehnese: Framing the Acehnese text: Language choice and discourse structures in Aceh, by Mark Durie. 35:113–37 (1996).

Acehnese: From ancient Cham to modern dialects: Two thousand years of language contact and change, by Graham Thurgood. Rev. by Robert Blust. 39:435–45 (2000).

Adams, Karen L., and Alexis Manaster-Ramer. Some questions of topic/focus choice in Tagalog. 27:79–101 (1988).

Adelaar, Alexander. Javanese -aké and -akən: A short history. 50:338–50 (2011).

Adelaar, Alexander. Malayo-Sumbawan. 44:357–88 (2005).

Adelaar, Alexander. Review of Papers in Austronesian subgrouping and dialectology, 2004, by John Bowden and Nikolaus Himmelmann, eds. 47:240–46 (2008).

Adelaar, K. A. Malay influence on Malagasy: Linguistic and culture-historical implications. 28:1–46 (1989).

Adelaar, K. A. Review of Early phonetic and phonemic changes in Austronesian, 1981, by Otto Christian Dahl. 28:106–9 (1989).

Adelaar, K. Alexander. Grammar notes on Siraya, an extinct Formosan language. 36:362–97 (1997).

Adelaar, K. Alexander. Problems of definiteness and ergativity in Embaloh. 34:375–409 (1995).

Adelaar, K. Alexander. Salako or Badameà, sketch grammar, texts and lexicon of a Kanayatn dialect in West Borneo, 2005. Rev. by Daniel Kaufman. 46:624–33 (2007).

Adelaar, K. Alexander. Siraya reduplication. 39:33–52 (2000).

Adelaar, Sander. Review of Perspectives on the Bird’s Head of Irian Jaya, Indonesia: Proceedings of the Conference, Leiden, October 13–17, 1997, 1998, by Jelle Miedema, Cecilia Odé, and Rien A. C. Dam, eds. 40:177–82 (2001).

Adelaar, Sander. Review of Topics in descriptive Austronesian linguistics, 1993, by Ger P. Reesink, ed. 38:429–33 (1999).

Adhesive locative in Austronesian languages, The, by Robert Blust. 28:197–203 (1989).

Adverbial verbs and adverbial compounds in Tsou: A syntactic analysis, by Henry Y. Chang. 48:439–76 (2009).

Agreement in the Skou language: A historical account, by Mark Donohue. 42:479–98 (2003).

Äiwoo: An Oceanic origin for Äiwoo, the language of the Reef Islands?, by Malcolm Ross and Åshild Næss. 46:456–98 (2007).

Äiwoo: Bound nominal elements in Äiwoo (Reefs): A reappraisal of the “multiple noun class systems,” by Åshild Næss. 45:269–96 (2006).

Alamblak: Low vowel dissimilation outside of Oceanic: The case of Alamblak, by Juliette Blevins. 48:477–83 (2009).

Albu, Mihai, Mark Donohue, and Søren Wichmann. Typology, areality, and diffusion. 47:223–32 (2008).

Alexander, James D. Case-marking and passivity in Easter Island Polynesian: The other side of the coin. 20:131–49 (1981). [End Page 601]

Alieva, Natalia F., Malay and Cham possession compared. 31:13–22 (1992).

Alieva, Natalia F., and Bùi Khánh Theå. Jazyk ¢am. Ustnyje govora vosto¢nogo dialekta [The Cham language: Oral lects of the Eastern dialect], 1999. Rev. by Anthony P. Grant. 43:273–76 (2004).

Allardice, R. W. A simplified dictionary of modern Samoan, 1989. Rev. by Albert J. Schütz. 30:272–75 (1991).

Allen, Jerry. Tense/aspect and conjunctions in Halia narratives. 10:63–77 (1971).

Alpher, Barry. On the genetic subgrouping of the languages of Southwestern Cape York Peninsula, Australia. 11:67–87 (1972).

Alpher, Barry, Jane Simpson, David Nash, Mary Laughren, and Peter Austin. Forty years on: Ken Hale and Australian languages, 2001. Rev. by Patrick McConvell. 42:252–58 (2003).

Alternations between semiconsonants and fricatives or liquids, by Paul Jen-kuei Li. 13:163–86 (1974).

Altmann, Gabriel. Individual research activities. 2:16 (1963).

Alune: The reinterpretation of knowledge and its role in the process of language obsolescence, by Margaret J. Florey. 32:295–309 (1993).

Ambonese Malay: Universal uses of demonstratives: Evidence from four Malayo-Polynesian...


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