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Books Received Inclusion in this list does not preclude the possibility ofa future review. Hale, Dorothy J. Social Formalism: The Novel in Theory from Henry James to the Present. Stanford: Stanford UP, 1998. viii + 251. $49.50 US (cloth); $17.95 US (paper). Stoddart, Judith. Ruskin's Culture Wars: Fors Clavigera and the Crisis of Victorian Liberalism. Charlottesville: UP ofVirginia, 1998. 193. $32.50 US (cloth). Hughes, William and Andrew Smith (eds). Bram Stoker: History, Psychoanalysis and the Gothic. New York: St. Martin's P, 1998. xiii + 229. $55.00 US (cloth). Schoch, Richard W. Shakespeare's Victorian Stage: PerformingHistory in the Theatre ofCharles Kean. New York: Cambridge UP, 1998. xiv +208. $54.95 US (cloth). Harden, Edgar F. Thackeray the Writer: FromJournalism to Vanity Fair. New York: St. Martin's P, 1998. 221. $55.00 US (cloth). Feltes, Norman N. This Side ofHeaven: DeterminingtheDonnellyMurders , 1880. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 1999. xvii +208. $40.00 (cloth). Dolin, Kieran. Fiction and the Law: Legal Discourse in Victorian and Modernist Literature. New York: Cambridge UP, 1999. vii + 234. $54.95 US (cloth). Ellison, Robert H. The Victorian Pulpit: Spoken and Written Sermons in Nineteenth-CenturyBritain. Cranbury: Susquehanna UP, 1998. 178. $34.50 US (cloth). Campbell, Matthew. Rhythm and Will in Victorian Poetry. New York: Cambridge UP, 1999. xiv + 272. $59.95 US (cloth). Alter, Stephen G. Darwinism and the LinguisticImage: Language, Race, andNatural Theology in the Nineteenth Century. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1999. xiii + 193. $39.00 US (cloth). Thomas, Nicholas and Richard Eves (eds). Bad Colonists: The South Seas Letters ofVernon Lee Walker &LouisBecke. Durham: Duke UP, 1999. xxii + 163. $49.95 US (cloth); $16.95 US (paper). Kent, David A. and PG. Stanwood (eds). Selected Prose ofChristina Rossetti. New York: St. Martin's P, 1998. xi + 404. $49.95 US. 131 volume 25 ? umb e r 2 Zemka, Sue. Victorian Testaments: TheBible, Christology, andLiterary Authority in Early-Nineteenth-Century British Culture. Stanford: Stanford UP, 1998. viii + 279. $45.00 US (cloth). 'White, Richard. Gentlemen Engineers: The WorkingLivesofFrank and Walter Shanly. Toronto: U ofToronto P, 1999. xvi + 262. Sullivan, Mary C. (ed). The Friendship ofFlorence Nightingale and Mary ClareMoore. Philadelphia: U ofPennsylvania P, 1999. xii + 226. $39.95 US (cloth). Trunin, Susan Schoenbauer. Victorian Travelers and the Opening of China, 1842-1907. Athens: Ohio UP, 1999. xvi + 253. $44.95 US (cloth). Byerly, Alison. Realism, Representation, and the Arts in NineteenthCentury Literature. New York: Cambridge UP, 1998. ? + 231. $59.95 US (cloth). Gilmartin, Sophie. AncestryandNarrative in Nineteenth-CenturyBritish Literature: Blood Relationsfrom Edgeworth to Hardy. New York: Cambridge UP, 1999. xiii + 281. $59.95 US (cloth). Donaldson, Sandra (ed). CriticalEssays on ElizabethBarrettBrowning. New York: G.K. Hall, 1999. xi + 358. $49.00 US (cloth). Machann, Clinton. MatthewArnold: A Literary Life. New York: St. Martin's P, 1998. xii + 177. $35.00 US (cloth). Farrell, Kirby. Post-traumatic Culture: Injury andInterpretation in the Nineties. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1998. xiii + 420. $49.00 US (cloth); $17.95 US (paper). Ross, W. Gillies. This Distant and Unsurveyed Country: A Woman's WinteratBaffin Island, 1857-58. Montreal & Kingston: McGiIlQueen 'sUP, 1997. xii + 258. Burr, Christina. Spreadingthe Light: Work andLabourReform in LateNineteenth -Century Toronto. Toronto: U ofToronto P, 1999. x + 254. $50.00 (cloth); $18.50 (paper). Glavin, John. AfterDickens:Reading, AdaptationandPerformance. New York: Cambridge UP, 1999. xiii + 226. $54.95 US (cloth). Smich-Hefner, Nancy J. KhmerAmerican: Identity andMoralEducation in a Diasporic Community. Berkeley: U ofCalifornia P, 1999. xix + 237. $55.00 US (cloth); $19.95 US (paper). Victoria u Aft/ /i«/ 132 Baskerville, Peterand EricW. Sager. UnwillingIdlers: The Urban Unemployedand Their Families in Late Victorian Canada. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 1998. xiv + 294. $55.00 (cloth); $24.95 (paper). Farley-Hills, David (ed). Critical Responses to Hamlet. Vol. 3. New York: AMS P, 1999. xlvii + 309. $97.50 US (cloth). Weltman, Sharon Aronofsky. Ruskin'sMythic Queen: Gender Subversion in Victorian Culture. Athens: Ohio UP, 1998. xi + 214. Arseneau, Mary, AntonyH. Harrison and LorraineJanzen Kooistra. The Culture ofChristina Rossetti: Female Poetics and Victorian Contexts. Athens: Ohio UP, 1999. xxii + 352. $39.95 US (cloth). Smith, Elton E. and Robert Haas (eds). TheHauntedMind: The Supernatural in Victorian Literature. Lanham: Scarecrow P, 1999. xiv + 139...


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