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Books Received Anderson, MaryJ. The Life Writings of Mary BakerMcQuesten, Victorian Matriarch. Waterioo: Wilfred Laurier UP, 2004. Armstrong,Jackson W (ed). Seven Eggs Today: The Diaries of MaryArmstrong, 1859 and 1869. Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier UP, 2004. Christensen, Conrad, (ed.). The Subverting Vision of BulwerLytton: Bicentenary Reflections. Newark U of Delaware P, 2004. Cleere, Eüeen. Avuncularism: Capitalism, Patriarchy, andNineteenth-Century Engäsh CuÜure. Stanford Stanford UP, 2004. Crick, Brian. Love Confounded· Revaluing the Great Tradition. Harleston: Edgeways, 2004. —, and Michael Disanto (eds.). Literary Criticism of MatthewArnold Harleston: Edgeways, 2004. Freeman, Michael Victorians andthe Prehistoric Tracks to a Lost World New Haven & London: Yale UP, 2004. Fyfe, Aileen. Science andSalvation: EvangelicalPopularScience Publishing in Victorian Britain. Chicago & London: U of Chicago P, 2004. Gavin, Adrienne E. Dark Horse:A Life of Anna SewelL Phoenix Mill· Sutton, 2004. Lambert, Ray.John Constable andtbe Theory of Landscape Painting. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2004. Morris, Pam. ImaginingInclusive SocietyinNineteenth-Century Novels: The Code of Sincerityin the PublicSphere. Baltimore:Johns Hopkins UP, 2004. Reinders, Eric BorrowedGods andForeign Bodies: Christian Missionaries Imagine Chinese Religion. Berkeley, Los Angeles & London: U of California P, 2004. Schultz, Bart. Henry Sidgwick, Eye of the Universe:An IntellectualBiography. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2004. VoskuiL Lynn M ActingNaturally: Victorian Theatricality andAuthenticity. Charlottesville & London: U of Virginia P, 2004. Victorian Review (2004)1 19 ...


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