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Books Received Bronte, Charlotte. Tales of the Islanders Vol. 1-4;MyAngria andtheAngrians; Albion andMarina. Sydney: Juvenilia Press, 1997-2005. Carpenter, Mary Wilson. ImperialBibles, Domestic Bodies: Women, Sexuality, and ReUgion in the Victorian Market. Athens: Ohio U Press, 2003. Clapp-Itnyre, Alisa. AngelicAirs, Subversive Songs: Music as Social Discourse in the Vidorian Novel. Athens: Ohio U Press, 2002. Dick, William B. Dick's Games of Patience orSolitaire with Cards. Yardley: Westholme Publishing, 2005. Faulk, BarryJ. MusicHall &Modernity: The Late-Victorian Discovery of Popular Culture. Athens: Ohio U Press, 2004. Harrison, Antony H.,(ed.). The Utters of Christina Rossetti. CharlottesviUe: U of Virginia Press, 2004. Nosan, Gregory. Ob/ects of Desire. Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago, 2005. PurceU,Jane. Not of anAge, butforAll Time: Shakespeare at the Huntington. Berkeley: U of CaUfornia Press, 2005. Trott, Michael. The Ufe of Richard Waldo Sibthorp: Evangelical, Catholic and RitualRevivalism in the Nineteenth-Century Church. Eastborne & Portland: Sussex Academic Press, 2005. Whitely, Opal. PeterPaulRubens. Sydney: Juvenika Press, 2001. Wut,Judith. BehindHer Times: Transition Englandin the Novels of MaryArnold Ward. CharlottesviUe: U of Virginia Press, 2005. Victorian Renew (2006)93 ...


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