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Books Received Anderson, Amanda. ThePowers of Distance: Cosmopolitanism andthe Cultivation of Detachment. Princeton & Oxford: Princeton UP, 2001. ? + 196. Burton, Antoinette (ed.). Politics andEmpire in Victorian Britain. New York & Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2001. xiii + 343. Castronovo, Russ. Necro Citizenship: Death, Eroticism, andthe PublicSphere in the Nineteenth-Century UnitedStates. Durham, NC & London: Duke UP, 2001. xv + 351. Daunton, Martin. The Cambridge Urban History of Britain, Volume III: 1840-1950. Cambridge & New York: Cambridge UP, 2000. xxvi + 944. Herbert, Christopher. Victorian Relativity: Radical ThoughtandScientific Discovery. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 2001. xv + 302. Johnson, Patricia E. Hidden Hands: Working-Ckss Women and Victorian Social Problem Fiction. Athens, OH: Ohio UP, 2001. 224. Jordan, John O. (ed.). The Cambridge Companion to Charles Dickens. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2001. xxi + 235. Levine, George (ed.). The Cambridge Companion to George Eliot. New York & Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2001. xviii + 248. Logan, Thad. The Vidorian Parlour. Cambridge & New York: Cambridge UP, 2001. xvii + 282. McKillop, A. B. A DisciplinedIntelligence: CriticalInquiry and Canadian Thought in the Victorian Era. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's UP, 2001. xxxii + 291. Plotz,Judith. Romanticism andthe Vocation of Childhood. New York & Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2001. xvi + 304. Rauch, Alan. UsefulKnowledge: The Victorians, Morality, andtheMarch of Intellect. Durham, NC & London: Duke UP, 2001. ? + 292. Richardson, Alan. British Romanticism andtheScience of theMind New York & Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2001. xx + 243. Tambling, Jeremy. Lost in theAmerican City: Dickens, James, andKafka. New York and Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2001. xvii + 234. Van Dulken, Stephen. Inventing the 19b Century: 100 Inventions fatShapedthe VidorianAge,fromAspirin to the Zeppelin. New York: New York UP, 2001. vi +218. 116volume 27 number 2 Books Received WhewelL William. Of thePluralityof Worlds:A Facsimileof theFirstEdition of 1853. Ed. Michael Ruse. Chicago: Chicago UP, 2001. 501. Victorian Review117 ...


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